👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Mr Dougall) #290

Hi all,

My name is Paul (@stpd11) and I teach, among others, Computing to Year 7s up to GCSE at Bourne Grammar School, UK.

We use GitHub to store and edit our teaching sites - www.bournetocode.com and www.bournetoinvent.com

I’m hoping to start using GitHub Classroom for my GCSE students to be able to submit their coursework. I love the idea of being to see exactly where their changes are without having to spend ages looking!

Thanks for the education initiative stuff :slight_smile:

(Yannick Lyn Fatt) #291

Hi my name is Yannick. I teach Dynamic Web Development at the University of the West Indies at Mona, Jamaica. We have 115 students and they learn and use Git/Github as part of their assignments and labs.

Thanks for all that you are doing.

(Christian Zang) #292

Hello everyone!

My name is Christian (@cszang). I am a postdoc at Technical University Munich, and I teach data science for ecologists from bachelor to postdoc level. In the advanced courses, I let the students use Git and GitHub as one essential component of well organised and reproducible collaborative research, and I plan to introduce Git also in the undergrad courses right from the start – following @mine-cetinkaya-rundel example!

Finally, a big thank you to GitHub, I greatly enjoy the free plan for academics, which is a fantastic thing!

(Mark Crovella) #293

Hi - I’m Mark Crovella, in the Computer Science Department at Boston University. We’re using githiub classroom for teaching in our course CS506 - Computational Tools for Data Science.

(Dave Machado) #294

Hi, my name is Dave Machado. I am a volunteer Computer Science teacher at several high schools and community centers in the Greater Boston area.

(Carlos Bertrand) #295

Hey que tal Luis, mi nombre es Carlos Bertrand originario de Honduras pero residente en inglaterra.
me alegra ver a los jovenes en tu salon de clases aprendiendo . felicidades

(Brandon LeBeau) #296

I am Brandon LeBeau, an Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa. I teach a computer packages course for statistical analysis where I introduce students to git and I use GitHub to get them acquainted. The ultimate goal is to get them to think about open source code, version control, and contributing to the community.

(Jeremy Bradbury) #297


I’m a professor at the University of Ontario IT in Oshawa, ON, Canada. I use GitHub in several of my courses including a 3rd year software quality course. I also use GitHub with undergraduate and graduate thesis students in order to host their projects. You can find me on twitter @jeremy_bradbury and on GitHub @bradbury.


Jeremy S. Bradbury, PhD
Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director, Computer Science
University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)
Web: http://www.jeremybradbury.ca

(Sylvain Chevallier) #298

I’m Sylvain Chevallier (@sylvchev) and I’m an associate professor at University of Versailles, where I teach system administration and machine learning. I use GitHub with my students to share jupyter notebooks and to manage group projects. I use also Authorea, and its wonderful GitHub integration, in my classroom.

(Terry Nguyen) #299

Hey all, I’m Terry Nguyen, an Assistant Programming Instructor at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (Seattle Campus). I help run the game programming course.

We primarily cover fundamental topics, such as working in a real-time interactive environment, artificial intelligence, networking, and game production.

I mostly handle the day-to-day Git issues. (I’m a CLI junkie)

(Tobias Thelen) #300


I’m Tobias Thelen and I teach Web-Technologies for undergraduate Computer Science and Cognitive Science students at the University of Osnabrück, Germany. Using GitHub Classroom for weekly assignments seems to be a good way to set up good workflows for grading as well as introducing students to team based work with version control systems.

(Daniel Yuschick) #301

Good morning, everyone! I’m Daniel Yuschick. I came across this page thanks to a Twitter share about instructors who use Github in their classroom. I recently became a Front-End Engineering instructor at a code school called The Iron Yard in Durham NC and have been loving the experience. My class of 14 students and I are using Github daily for my classwork repo, their homework assignments, and any group projects as well. They’re fighting with merge conflicts and pull requests and gradually getting the hang of working in groups and teams. Another site I use almost daily is Codepen as we demonstrate a lot of CSS and JavaScript concepts. Codepen also allows a lot of us to code together in class and crowdsource the daily projects we’re building. Actually, it was a student that sent me this link.

This has been my first tie teaching full time and I have loved it. The class has been great to work with and we’ve been covering a ton of material in the six weeks so far. Github has been vital to not only my process to grade assignments but also for students to keep track of their work for both individual and group projects. I’ll definitely be continuing to use it and Codepen.

I’m pretty stoked to see a Github education community. I will have to keep an eye out here for tips and stories of things that worked and didn’t work that I can tie into my class. Again, being new to all of this, I am a sponge for ideas and processes that could be engaging for the classroom. Thanks!

(Marcus Fihlon) #302

I’m Marcus, born in Germany and living in Switzerland for quite some years now. I started programming about 30 years ago and I’m teaching web engineering at the TEKO Schweizerische Fachschule, a technical college. We started using GitHub at our school nearly two years ago. It’s a great tool for my lessons and I can’t think about teaching without GitHub any more…

(Mike Trebilcock) #303

Hi Everyone, I’ve just started using kit within Cornwall’s new Digital Academy - iamdigital.uk

We’re working with industry providing software developer apprenticeships across the UK, and full-time courses across the south-west of England.

I also run code clubs in primary schools and run quite a few work experience activities and teacher training - occasionally I blog about them here: https://cornishdev.wordpress.com

That’s me!


(Brant Wadsworth) #304

Sarah, Hi. My name is Brant. I am a software entrepreneur for the construction industry. I have been looking to provide opportunities for young smart people to get involved in real world projects and possibly even a long-term career. I guess somewhat like an internship type program. If you know any individuals that have an passion for internet technology - specifically python, XML, javascript I would love to chat with either you or them. Our product is called Twenty20 Construction Cloud and our company is called Hindsight Technologies.

I look forward to networking with you and others on Github

(Brant Wadsworth) #305

My Name is Brant. and although I am not a teacher by trade, I feel that the best way to learn is to hang out with individuals that are smarter than me. I have started a number of software companies over the years, but with the latest Hindsight Technologies, I want to focus on bringing up smart thinkers and giving them opportunities to innovate, be creative and get involved in project that are mostly set aside for seasoned developers. I have found that one of the best ways to learn is to TRY.

If you or anyone that you know is smart, a quick learner and looking to get involved in a project that can be innovative and a great learning experience please do not hesitate to reach out. I wish that someone would have given me a chance earlier.

Brant - President Hindsight Technologies, the makers of Twenty20 Construction Cloud

(Brant Wadsworth) #306

Luis, yo tengo un negocio en Medellin. Siento que, aunque soy un “gringo”, que Colombia es mi segundo hogar y me enomoré del pais y de la gente. Me alegra saber del progreso y animo que usted tiene!

(Andrew Coles) #307

Hi all,

I’ve just started using GitHub Classroom in a second-year programming module (C++ and Scala) at King’s College London. It’s a great way of managing the assignments of 250+ students, with a very smooth workflow that minimises administrative overheads.



(Christian Vermeulen) #308

Hi Folk,

I’m part of the Global CoderDojo movement.
A volunteer led coding club for kids.

In The Netherlands I started a dojo in Rotterdam but moved to the dojo in Leiden beginning 2016. Together with another founder of the Rotterdam Dojo I also run the regional body for The Netherlands. This has allowed us to grow our community tremendously in our country. The past 2 years we went from 3 to 40 dojo’s and have a country-wide capacity of 1200 - 1600 kids each month being taught to code!

(mr. hoel) #309

Hi all, I’m Mark Hoel and I am a grade 9 and 10 computer science and geography teacher at Upper Canada College in Toronto. My students love GitHub and use it in grade 10 to help them manage and show off their projects. Kids in the computer club also are major league Github fanatics. Keep up the great work!