👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Mlinarev) #269

Hi all,

I am Mario, an Assistant Professor at the Systems and Computing Engineering Department, Universidad de los Andes (Colombia). I am teaching Data Structures, and Web Programming. I am using GtHub classroom for the Web Programming class.

(Rizky Ariestiyansyah) #270

Hi everyone,

I am Rizky Ariestiyansyah CTO at IndonesiaX the largest independent MOOC polatform in Indonesia.

I use github everyday :slight_smile: follow me here http://github.com/ariestiyansyah

(Iskandar Ali) #271


My name is Iskandar Ali. Jr programmer from Malaysia…


(Douglas Urner) #272

Hello, I’m a CS teacher – web design, Exploring Computer Science, IB Computer Science, and now at Curtis High School in University Place in Washington State (USA) AP Computer Science A. In the past I’ve used GitHub in my classes in an ad hoc fashion. I’m looking forward to learning about GitHub’s tools for education.

In addition to teaching high school, I’m also facilitating professional development for ECS through Code.Org.

Before teaching, I spent over 20 years, as a software engineer and software product manager at Mentor Graphics, Tektronix, BSDi, and Wind River Systems where I worked primarily on Berkeley Unix systems.

(Vatsal Bajpai) #273

Hello Everyone!

I’m Vatsal, Founder AppyWare and I teach Android, Java and Kotlin to students in Google Developers Group New Delhi as well as to college students.

All the sessions are always free and open sourced on my Github code-crusher

I live in New Delhi, India.

My hobbies are to develop games and play :sweat_smile:

Thank you Github for connecting all of us :slight_smile:

(Humeniuk Leonid) #274

I’m Leonid,
i Live in Kyiv, Ukraine
I work at KPI and teaching iOS Development.

(Nirav Gadhia) #275


I started teaching object oriented programming this semester at Rutgers University and looking for the ways to introduce github for team project and collaboration for team assignment in my class. I am using github enterprise edition for my work and wanted my student to have some understanding on how github works and how they can prepare to start their career using tools that are widely used in industry.

(Tony Eight) #277

Hi everyone,

I’m Ludovic. I’m a teacher at Hetic in Paris, just like @Bunkermaster. I teach Project Management, Agile Methods and Python. I use GitHub in most of my personal projects.

Basically, I’m a geek. I’m kind of crazy about video games, books and human history.

I plan to use GitHub with my students more and more to improve interactions between all of us and prepare them to real world.



(Dfbermudez) #278

Hi, here at the Universidad Piloto de Colombia, we are using Github Classroom to make assignments for students. We use Github in some courses. I am part of the Network Programming and the Algorithms course.

(Mr Russell) #279

Hi my name is Dave Russell from Heyford Park Free School in the UK. I’ve just started teaching the new Computer Science curriculum. Is anyone else a secondary/high school using GitHub Education.

I’m a massive fan of git having used it in industry, I’d like to hear how your students are getting on with using git? e.g. How are they getting on using the Git commands, especially if using it at home. Can anyone recommend any resources for teaching git?

(Scott Sanicki) #280

@drussell-hpfs Welcome!

Due to the volume of introductions in this thread you might want to create a new topic for your question about using GitHub with secondary/high school classes to make it more visible.

Some open source lesson plans for teaching Git and GitHub have been posted here.

(Adam Mikeal) #281


My name is Adam, and I’m currently teaching a course on DevOps at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. part of the course covers common tools used in the modern IT team, and as these students are not primarily developers, I wanted to ensure they had familiarity with version control systems.

They had a group assignment using Github to force them through the workflows of collaborative / social coding. I had them use the Github Automatic Page Generator to publish a website on a topic of their choosing, and they worked in teams of 7-8.

I’m not full-time faculty — in my day job I’m the IT Director for another college here at the university.

(Carlos Bertrand) #282

Hi Everyone:
My name is Carlos Bertrand , Software Engineer working for the Arts University Bournemouth, England.
I am working at AUB as a DBA and senior MIS developer.
I am not teaching at the moment but we develop apps and software in-house for the students.
I would like to be part of this community , help with my expertise and learn a lot from all of you.

(Mrbdahlem) #283

My name is Brian, I have just joined GitHub Education. I teach Software Engineering, AP Computer Science A (Java) and AP Computer Science Principles.

I am looking forward to using GitHub Education to create assignments for my students at all levels.

(Jan Suchotzki) #284


I’m Jan from Germany. For the last 15 years I developed Software in very different domains. The one consistent aspect in my work is learning and practicing to further improve my knowledge and help others see the overall and their own potential.

Currently I’m investigating an idea to bring small coding assignments to all schools in Germany. While there are already some good ways to do this online I would like to better integrate teachers into the process. My main goal is to give students very individual tasks, which are challenging for them and only take a few minutes so motivation always stays high.

I really like the idea and approach of GitHub classroom and would like to say thank you to the GitHub team.

(Tomáš Vítek) #285

Hi everybody,

I am Tomas. Together with several colleagues I teach introduction to programming in Java at King’s College London. We use an inhouse built system to mark students’ assignments. We let them upload their code and later in the course we will be requiring them to submit their code via git for assessment (we use github business for this).

(Tomas Sykora, jr.) #286


My name is Tomas Sykora (@syky27), I’m teaching at Faculty of information technology, Czech technical university in Prague, Czech Republic with.

With my colleges we teach 3D printing, see stuff at @3dprintfit. We are mostly using Github there for the teachers.

(Luis Romero) #287

Hi everyone,

My name is Luis Romero, and I am a code teacher in the robotic school here in Sopó, Cundinamarca - Colombia.

We have about 60 students, and we teach mechanic, electronic, and programming in spanish.

(Mr Walker) #288

Hi everyone,

My name is John Walker, I teach IB Computer Science, Introduction to Computer Science, and Essentials of Game Programming in Portland, OR and you can see our classes at http://moodle.clevelandhighschool.org.

(Jean-Michel Bruel) #289

Hi. Congrats for this initiative. I teach git at undergraduate level in a Technical Institute and use GitHub and its CI facility (with Travis). I could appreciate free private repos before it was generalized for students. Looking forward to exchange on teaching experiences and best practices.