👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Damith C. Rajapakse) #248

Hi I’m Damith C. Rajapakse, an Associate Professor at School of Computing, National University of Singapore.
I have been teaching Software Engineering for the past 10 years. I worked in the SE industry before joining academia.
I’m also the founder of the following OSS tools for education:

  • TEAMMATES – An online feedback management system for education, used by more than 100,000 users across the world
  • PowerPointLabs – A free PowerPoint add-in for creating better slides with less effort
  • se-edu – A collection of non trivial Java code examples (1KLoC and above) and resources for training SE students

(Granite State College) #249

I’m Alan, adjunct faculty at Granite State College.

I live in New Hampshire.

My interest is in improving the education of future software engineers by exposing them to as much current technology as possible.

(Rishabhlavi) #250

Hey @sanicki and all other teachers.

I’m Rishabh Chandrayan from Bhopal, India.
Well basically I’m a home tutor for some 15 to 20 high school students. Teaching them C/C++ and web technologies like HTML5, CSS, JS. Being an under graduate student myself, I know the importance of using GitHub. I’ve always advised students to use GitHub for the projects they make. Also I’ve been teaching under privileged kids and school students, basics of computer and web, volunteering with Mozilla.

Thank You,

(James ODonnell) #251

I am James and I a relatively new high school teacher. This is my third year teaching and my first year teaching Computer Science. I live in Victoria, Texas and teach at the public high school here. I am about to start the 4th week of classes and I am just now trying to figure out a workflow for distributing starter files and collecting assignments, so I am a little behind the curve. I am a self-taught programmer and have about 20 years experience with database and web applications. I only learned Java this past summer and that is what I am teaching this semester.

I love learning, especially about technology. I am an avid gardener.

(José María Sola) #252

Hello, fellow teachers.
I teach programming at UTN FRBA.

(Jan Verbesselt) #253

Hi all,

I am Jan Verbesselt, and I am teaching and coordinating a course on “geo-scripting” where we learn student how to use R and Python for spatial data handling and analysis. Github Education is just great! I am eager to learn more, and fully integrate our course with it.


(John Bochanski) #254

Hi all,

I am a physics and astronomy professor at Rider University, a small liberal arts and business college near Trenton, NJ. I am using github to manage my scientific computing class, and I’m excited about teaching my students how to use this wonderful resource. Thank you to the github team for providing this excellent tool and making it seamless to use in the classroom.

(Nathawatt) #255


I teach Software Developpment Developmen, Agile in classroom.
We use GitHub everywhere. I’m hoping to learn better ways to manage student assignments with github classroom.

(Reuven Y.) #257

Hello all,
I teach a Software Engineering course (mostly Hebrew content gh-pages) for ~7 years with Github. Hoping to improve even more.

(Emily Tompsett) #258

Hi all,
My name is Emily Tompsett and I teach CS and Math at a private school in NJ. I’m currently teaching AP CS A, and a Data Structures in C++ course for which we are using GitHub Classroom. I’m relatively new to GitHub but am working through it with my students.

(Deniseleete) #259


I’m Denise. I live in Pennsylvania :maple_leaf: - Fall is quickly approaching!! I am new to GitHub Education, and am trying to figure out how to best use this tool in my Web Project Management class.

I hope I receive my swag bag soon!! :gift:

So far, I am finding it to very useful. :blush:

(Ibocerra) #260

Here at Universidad Piloto and Universidat EAN, we teach Database Design and web development using Github. We use private repositories for the assignments to the students and for semester-long projects. In addition, we use Gitbook to create content in Github repositories and the Github pages to host that content.

(I M68) #261


I’m Iain Major and I’m teaching Computer Science to 14 to 18 year old students in an 11-18 mixed school near Bristol in the UK. I’m pretty new to github but looking to make use of it and some of my students already do!

Have a great week!


(Moisés Guimarães) #262

Hey guys,

I’m Moisés, Software Engineer and Professor.

My GitHub handle is moisesguimaraes.

I live in Brazil :soccer::tada:

My interests include cryptography, programing and card games =D

(Ojo Oluwasetemi) #263

Hello teachers!
I’m Oluwasetemi, I love teaching and I am involved in code education and awareness.
I’m a developer and my github handle is @Oluwasetemi

I am a Nigerian currently living in Ibadan,NG

My interests include open source contribution :computer: ,learning :school: and bridging the gap between professionalism :nerd: and classroom :writing_hand:

(Marty Gilbert) #264


My name is Marty Gilbert and I teach at Mars Hill University, in North Carolina.

We’ve just recently begun using github with some of our classroom assignments, and it’s been a fun journey.

I look forward to picking up many more tips and tricks on these forums!


Marty Gilbert
Mars Hill University

(Paula Waite) #265

Hello Everyone!

My name is Paula and I teach Java Programming at Madison College. I’ve been using GitHub in my 4th semester Enterprise Java class to teach source control in student team projects and student individual projects. I host all course material in GitHub and also use it for creating/distributing/reviewing assignments. I’m always looking for ways to continue improving students experience and workflow, so I look forward to learning how others are making the most of Classroom.

(Gregory McIntyre) #266

Hi! I’m Greg, a software engineer and web developer living in Sydney, Australia. I ride bikes and draw and write and often think about politics and education.

I was an instructor at General Assembly for a bit, and a Rails Girls mentor, and consequently I am friends with many junior developers and people trying to learn my trade.

So I spend a lot of brain thinking about how to solve these people’s dilemmas: being undersupported and stressed. And how to solve the systemic problem employers here have: how to hire and train and support new developers.

I’ve run study groups, tutored, instructed, and I’m writing up business plans to trial teaching web development professionally part time.

(Adrien Joly) #267

Hi all!

I’m Adrien, I have been a programmer since I was 6.

Quick recap of my career so far: tried to work in a software agency during 1 year, wrote a phd thesis on information retrieval, joined a startup company for 4 years as lead dev, started wriring code for clients (as a freelance web developer) 1,5 years go, and now starting my 2nd year as javascript teacher. I love finding creative ways to engage my students, and to evaluate them too. (especially for automating grading :-p)

Last year, I published my teaching material (in French) on this repo: http://github.com/adrienjoly/cours-javascript, and developed a simple web UI to ease the navigation between markdown files, on my website.

I also created a web app for semester exams: http://github.com/adrienjoly/js-exam

This year, I’m using gitbook to publish my course material, but will probably develop and test more gamified exercises in class. For that, I intend to experiment the use of Github and Nitrous Quickstart.

I’m really into tips and tools to improve teaching towards future programmers, so please ping me if you want to discuss!


(Jhon Edisson Villarreal Padilla) #268

Hello Scoot

My name is Jhon Villarreal we are using Github in Piloto University in Colombia for our PHP and NodeJS Class.