👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Mikael Jergefelt) #228


I’m Mikael Jergefelt (@dermike), a medical librarian at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m also a web developer, but my teaching of GitHub to students and researchers at the university will be more about using it for academic writing (versioning) and spreading/publishing research (GitHub pages).

Would love to discuss this with other in the same context.



(Conrad Hollomon) #229

Hi, I’m Conrad (@hollomancer) and I currently volunteer as Chief of Staff for Operation Code, a nonprofit startup dedicated to teaching veterans, transitioning military personnel, and their families to learn to code and build software!

We use Github as a core part of our mentorship program, to familiarize our mentees with the open source ethos, and how to work with a group of software developers as a team.

I’m really excited to be working with a community like this, and it’s great to see Github really pushing this!

(Jared Allard) #230

Hi! I’m Jared. I’m a student teacher at Nova Project, a high school in Seattle.

I’ve cotaught a class on Programming and Logic with emphasis on Java.
This year I’ll be fully teaching my own class on backend development using JavaScript.

Very excited to use GitHub Classroom last year and to use parts of it in my own stack!

(Jared Allard) #231

Seattle pride!

(Pulkit Goyal) #232

Hello everyone! I am Pulkit Goyal, I generally teach algorithms, data structures, python and promotes students to join open source. I am teaching from past two years. Nice to meet you all. I am a student teacher.

(Katrina Owen) #233

Hi everyone,

I’m Katrina Owen and I work on the Open Source team at GitHub. You can find me on GitHub as @kytrinyx.

Outside of GitHub I work on an open source project called Exercism, which is a platform for practicing programming. I also speak at conferences, and am co-authoring a book called 99 Bottles of OOP about refactoring and object-oriented design.

(David Coopersmith) #234

Hello everyone! :smile:

My name is David Coopersmith. I’m currently a Math/Science and Computer Science Middle School Teacher involved with developing a K-12 Computer Science pathway in our public school district, Moreno Valley Unified School District, in Moreno Valley, California, USA.

We start them off in elementary school with Scratch and Code.org and some beginning web dev (HTML, a little CSS). When they come to us at Palm Middle School, they follow this pathway:

6th grade -> a semester of more Advanced Game Dev in Scratch & a semester in Robotics
7th grade -> Intro to Web Dev utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
8th grade -> Intro to Java and Android Mobile App Development (this is the course I teach)

Then we pass them off to high school where they take AP Computer Science Principles, C++, Advanced Robotics/Microprocessors, and AP Java.

We’re just starting to get our wings, and we’re looking to integrate GitHub into our pathway as much as possible.

Thank you GitHub!!!


(Umasshokie) #235

Hi everyone. I’m a professor of computer science at Loyola University Maryland. I’ve been using GitHub for a few years now in my classes, including in the CS1 class. I previously used teachers_pet tools, but now I use a combination of those tools and the new GitHub Classroom.

(Cabrero) #236

Hi everybody!

I’m David Cabrero and I work at the University of A Coruña, Spain teaching Human Machine Interfaces and Software Architectures. I’ve been using control versions for my classes (formerly svn and lately git). This year we will start to use github education.


– david

(Catherine Leung) #237

I’m Cathy.

I teach at Seneca College in Toronto Ontario. I’ve been using github for many years both for myself and with my students. Always looking for new ways to work.

Thank you github for providing a great platform.

(Jayakumar Sadhasivam) #238

HI, I’m Jay from India. Currently, I’m teaching python for freshmen

(Matt Lane) #239


My name is Matt, and I’m one of the co-founders of Rithm School, a web development school in San Francisco. We use GitHub for all of our lesson materials. I’m excited to learn more about this community!

Here’s a little bit more about our philosophy: https://www.rithmschool.com/blog/why-another-bootcamp


(Pete O'Shea) #240


My name is Pete, I volunteer at a CoderDojo and work with the CoderDojo foundation. CoderDojo runs free coding clubs for kids 7-17 and is a global open source initiative! I’m really interested in introducing GitHub class room to the CoderDojo community :slight_smile: and chatting to anyone thats interested in open source, coding and education.


(Pvesey) #241

Hi All,

Paul from Ireland!. I teach web dev at Limerick Institute of Technology. Migrating all of my notes and assessments to Github… Long overdue.

All the best


(Coder Dojo Dl) #242

Hi I’m Francis. one of the Technical Mentors at CoderDojo Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. Always looking for new material to share with our Ninja’s so I definitely want a swag bag. I think the kids will love it!

(Coder Dojo Dl) #243

Thanks for the intro Pete O’shea - lets GitHub has enough Swag bags!

(Brendenw) #244


I teach Computer Science and Web Development part-time at Seattle Central College. My classes use Github and other cloud-based tools like Cloud9 & mLab (for MongoDb hosting). A couple of recent class repos are:

https://github.com/brendenwest/itc298-s16 (MEAN stack)
https://github.com/brendenwest/web150-w16 (Intro to JavaScript)

I’m also on technical advisory boards for Seattle Central’s certificate program and North Seattle College’s 4-yr CS degree program. Always happy to share advice for people building their tech career.

I work full-time as a software engineering consultant, focusing on mobile applications, full-stack web, and data science. Previously I worked in a variety of development, project management, and biostatistics roles.

My interests include education, economics, and foreign policy. Am particularly interested in the open-source intelligence (OSINT) movement.

(Toddy Mladenov) #245

Hello, I am Toddy and teach cloud engineering practices using formal courses and workshops. I am starting post all the code at https://github.com/crimsonpinnacle.

Happy to connect with everyone and share ideas.


(Ras592) #246


I’m Rich, a student mentor at kidOYO. kidOYO runs camps that teach computer science, engineering, and entrepreneurship for students K-12. I generally teach Python and JavaScript but I am excited to introduce GitHub to the students. I personally use GitHub for all of my programming projects and I love it!


(John McCaffrey) #247

I teach at Hennepin Technical College in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA. We are a technical college that offers 2 year AAS degrees, diplomas and certificates. I teach courses in interactive design, web design, and animation. I use Github to introduce version control and the importance of creating and sharing open code.

When I am not on my computer, I like to get outside to go rock climbing, wakeboarding, and skiing.