👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Simon Ayzman) #208

Hi all! I’m Simon. Basically a native New Yorker (got here at the ripe age of 1), who’s currently living in Brooklyn.

I graduated from Hunter College as a Computer Science major, Political Science minor, and Valedictorian of my 2015 Class.

I was a 2015 hackNY Fellow, interning at Foursquare as an iOS Developer, and a 2016 hackNY mentor. At the moment, I work at Bloomberg LP as an iOS Developer and I teach Software Analysis and Design at Hunter as an Adjunct.

A long-term goal is to eventually apply to Stanford University for graduate school.

(Lhsvgd) #209

Greetings All!

I teach an innovative three year video game design pathway at Lubbock High School in West Texas. This year I want my learners to use github to pull and push work for class. I would also like to see them collaborate and build a portfolio of their work. We use a range of game dev software as well as Python, Lua and C#.

I am excited to be part of this community and I look forward to learning from you all!

(Steve Griffith) #210

Hi, I’m Steve a Professor at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I am the coordinator of our Mobile Application Design & Development program. I teach client-side and server-side web development, web design, native and hybrid mobile application development. http://www.algonquincollege.com/mediaanddesign/program/mobile-application-design-and-development/
We actively use GitHub and GitHub Pages with our students as part of our development courses.

(Loi Laing) #211

Hi Y’all!

Thank you for setting this up. :smiley:

I’m Loi and I’m an artist/educator/attorney and aspiring full-stack developer/scrum master. I’m currently teaching in public school, where I run an afterschool coding club and I’m also preparing students for the AP Computer Science exam.

In my spare time I make art, do pro bono legal work mostly for creatives and start-ups, and work on learning methodologies and how to code. I’m usually only a day or two ahead of my students. :smile:

You can find me on the web at @loilaing and my personal website is www.artofcreativeliving.com.

(Ryan Burns) #212

Hi I’m Ryan Burns and I teach mobile development courses at Chapman University. Specifically, I teach one Android Dev class and one iOS Dev class.

I’ve previously used GitHub in an Advanced Android class, where my students all contributed to a centralized repository, working on a shared project.

Last semester I started using GitHub classroom to assign projects and have students turn them in there. I’ll continue to do the same. It’s great to work with, and I also love teaching students about version control (especially with Git). I always let them know that they’ll need to understand VCS at any job they ever have!

(Justin Dressel) #213

Hi, I’m Justin Dressel, and I teach both physics and computational science courses at Chapman University. I use GitHub regularly for both sets of courses, as well as for research with physics and computation collaborators.

(Ric Yik) #214

Hello my name is Ric Yik. I am interested in GitHub for education. Nice to meet you here!

(Don Burks) #215

Hi there! I’m Don Burks, GitHub handle is donburks and I am the Head Instructor of Lighthouse Labs in Vancouver, BC. We are an 8-week software development bootcamp, and a major part of our curriculum is git and GitHub usage.

My interests include music, writing, and juggling.

(Schultzp) #216

Hey my name is Patrick Schultz and I teach technology courses in Bay City, MI! Web, software dev, mobile, game, we do it all.

(Srdjan Krstic) #217

Hi all,
I’m Srdjan Krstic, former Software Engineering TA at Politecnico di Milano. We mainly focus on basic SE and object-oriented concepts with examples in Java. Students are also asked to develop a distributed Java application (typically a game) as a part of the course project.

(Eric Liang) #218

Hi everyone!

I’m a current undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying design and CS, and I teach an student-run introductory web design class called the Web Design Decal. Topics include HTML, CSS, and basic Javascript/jQuery, as well as design principles and trends. We enroll primarily non-CS student, so the class is a great way to introduce new people to coding!

I’m online at ericls.com – let me know if you have any questions!


(Kyle Mandli) #219

Hi everyone,

I am an assistant professor at Columbia and use GitHub in both my research group and teaching.


(Manas Dash) #220

Hi All.

Thank you so much for such nice communities. I am a software developer and a trainer. I love teaching and sharing. I blog as well. It will be nice to learn from this communities. I use git in my work station everyday.

(Darwyncook) #221

I teach computer science at Alfred University in southwestern NY. I use github in my courses, but first semester students find it a bit much to deal with. Looking for an easier path into version control!

(Matt Smith) #222

I teach Computer Science at BYU in Salt Lake City, Utah. Coding is the most versatile way to create new ideas.

(Amelia Garripoli) #223

Hello, Amelia Garripoli, CIS/IS instructor at Olympic College in Bremerton Washington. I’ve been introducing github to my classrooms since starting at OC, and finding it very useful in providing real-world skills to students.

(Lynn Langit) #224

I am Lynn Langit. I work as a Cloud and Big Data architect and developer. I also lead a group of volunteer developers at our non-profit, “Teaching Kids Programming”.

We have produced over 70 coding lessons (with teacher training resource materials - lesson plans and screencasts), which we have designed to be used by middle school teachers to teach middle school aged kids (10-15) to code. Our teaching (and source) code bases are hosted on our TKP organizational repos on GitHub.

All materials are open source and free.

(Tim Wood) #225

I’m a professor in the CS department at George Washington University. I’ve been using github in my Software Engineering and Senior Design classes. It’s been a great way to keep student submissions in order and get them thinking about development practices in the real world!

(Philip R. Ventura, Ph.D.) #226

Hi all,

I teach at University of South Florida in the Dept. of Computer Science and Eng. This is my first semester there. Although I have been teaching for the past 18 years. This semester I am teaching classes in web development, data structures, and ethical hacking.


(Juan Julián Merelo Guervós) #227

This is JJ Merelo, professor at the university of Granada in Spain. From the Free Software Office here, @oslugr, we aim to have most people in the IT-related degrees using GitHub. So far we’ve gone from almost 0 couple of years ago to 20%, but let’s not stop there.
I also use GitHub extensively in my own classes, to turn in assignments, class material, everything. I expect to get many new ideas in this forum.