👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Davide Fucci) #188

this is Davide. I teach software quality and testing at the university of Oulu, Finland :finland:

I have been using the Github Educational platform since the beginning and help my colleagues to do so.

I mostly use it to share lecture material, assignment, and project work https://github.com/M3SOulu

(Jaclyn Karnowski) #189

Hello global community of teachers!

I am in wonder of how powerful this community can be in teaching and learning! I am a web developer, teacher and founder of EdTalks based in San Francisco but if I am not here, you might find me in Santiago, Chile.

I taught at a coding bootcamp in San Francisco and we used Github for everything! Each cohort was an organization, and we had all our projects as a unique repo. It was such a powerful way to provide starter code, have teams work on a project and submit code through a PR and do dozens of code reviews quickly. Our students were able to dive into the first steps of version control and be exposed to what working in their first job would be like.
Can you see the potential in how having this community will add value to students and their projects? Amazing!

Find me as @jkarnowski for some intro to javascript lessons and code-alongs. PRs and issues are welcome on all projects!


(Alejandro Dominguez) #190

Hi everyone, im a current student of software engineering at Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur, Mexico, and co-founder of a mexican startup where we give coding, 3D printing and robotics courses to middle and high schools, I’ve been giving computer science & tech entrepreneurship classes for +3 years now, and im also board member of the scientific committee in my state, a community of students from different universities with science backgrounds, im planing to implement and use Github Class Room, and other GitHub services in our projects very soon.

Love open source, communities, hackathons, astrophysics and software <3

(Msdifede) #191


I’m Kuri, and am a high school computer science teacher in Long Island, NY. I will be teaching AP CS, Web Development, Game making and robotics next year. I am trying to find the best way to use gitHub in the classroom with my students.

(Meg Fryling) #192

Hello, I’m Meg Fryling and I teach the undergraduate capstone software engineering course at Siena College in Loudonville, NY (Albany Area). The students are required to use GitHub for their projects but do struggle with it a bit so I’m always looking for ideas on how to help them get more comfortable with Git/GitHub.

I am also a volunteer organizer for a joint conference in Information Systems Education and Applied Research (http://iscap.info) that will be in Las Vegas from Nov 6 to the 9th. We are seeking sponsors and exhibitors. We also offer the opportunity for exhibitors to be part of the formal program (conduct a workshop or make a presentation), which is a great way to reach interested participants. Last year’s conference (http://www.edsigcon.org/2015), had approximately 140 participants who are professionally active Information Systems educators at 4-year college’s and universities. In Las Vegas, we are hoping to have approximately 200 participants. You can contact me and/or the conference chair (Eric Breimer, ebreimer@siena.edu), if you have any questions. These conferences are a great place for PhD students and junior faculty to receive helpful feedback on their work (with a short turnaround window), present their work, and publish in both the conference proceedings and associated journals (ISEDJ and JISAR)

(Snadi) #193

Hi everyone,

I teach (and research) various software engineering related topics at the University of Alberta, Canada. Before that, I was at TU Darmstadt in Germany and used GitHub for one of the courses I taught there. Each student had their own private repo (thanks to GitHub for providing free private repos for education purposes!) and submitted all course deliverables there. I had some scripts that pulled all changes and prepared the necessary files for me to mark. I also use git and GitHub in my research.


(Matthew A Lanham) #194

Hello colleagues,

I’m Matthew and I’m teaching Using R for Analytics at Purdue’s Krannert school. Looking forward to getting my students exposed to version control this semester for their R projects. This looks like a great forum. Thanks for providing it.

Warm regards,
Matthew Lanham

(Hannan Ali) #195

Hello Github Educators!

My name is Hannan Ali.

My Github handle is abdulhannanali

I live in Okara, Pakistan

I am interested in Open Source Programming, JavaScript, Blogging, Reading and making a hell of a difference using education in other people’s lives. I am looking forward to collaborate with you in this community

(Mark Corkery) #196

Hi folks,

I’m Mark and while I don’t teach as a professional, I do mentor as part of a CoderDojo. In our dojo, we have space for 12 ninja’s aged 7-17. I’d love to introduce them to the concept of version control so looking forward to diving further into the resources here.

Github: @KramKroc
Twitter: @KramKroc

(Chris Wanstrath) #197

Hey everyone,

I’m Chris Wanstrath, co-founder/CEO of GitHub.

Growing up I really wanted to be a programmer, but all the classes I was able to take at school used antiquated textbooks and dated technologies. I ended up majoring in English in college because these classes had made me believe programming wasn’t for me.

It wasn’t until I discovered the open source community that my passion was re-ignited – not by the software, but by the people. If it wasn’t for the mentors I met through the community, I wouldn’t be here today. I owe all my success to the (informal) teachers who inspired and taught me.

I often wonder how many others attended those same boring CS classes and were discouraged from a career in software. I was extremely lucky to find great mentors, and I know not everyone in my peer group had that same fortune.

So I just wanted to drop in and thank all of you. Not just for using GitHub, for which I am extremely grateful and hope works out wonderfully for you and your students, but especially for teaching and inspiring the next generation of company builders, tinkerers, mobile developers, civic hackers, memory optimizers, and world changers. For helping people understand that software is an amazing technology, and whatever their goals or aspirations – it’s accessible to them if they want it.

Thank you, and welcome!

(Rubby Casallas) #198

Hello Everybody

I´m a professor at Universidad de los Andes. Colombia. We use github in the undergraduate courses of softwrae engineering and web development and also in many courses of our mastar program on software engineering. We use also Gitbook to deliver materiasl to students.

Happy to be part of this community


(Jake Bowers) #199

Hi All,

We are hoping to use the github classrooms to improve the learning of statistics by our PhD students in Political Science at the University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign! We use github for research daily, but are still unclear about how to distribute assignments, what to do about pdf files with math in them, how to enable students to form their own teams that may change over time, among other things. We’d love to see examples of successful use of this tool!



Jake Bowers

(Rio Waller) #200

Hello Everyone!

My name is Rio Waller and I teach CIT (Computer Information Technology) @ Fresno City College in central California! I’m using private repo for my Beginning JavaScript course and I’m very excited to say that all students successfully pushed their local repo last week!!! Most did not have any command line experience!!

I’m using Canvas (LMS) and pre-req structure to give in class coding challenges based on FreeCodeCamp.com and JavaScript the Weird Part on Udemy! This is basically a flipped coding classroom environment with the philosophy of “Talk Less Code MORE”! We are just ending our second week today and it is going well SO FAR!

(Clay Ewing) #201

Hi Everyone!

My name is Clay Ewing. I’m an assistant professor at the University of Miami. We have an MFA and minor in Interactive Media. We use Github with all of our development classes.

I am also the creator of Queso, source code on [Github] (https://github.com/claytical/Queso.v2), a gameful learning management system.

(Anne) #202

Hi all
My name is Anne, my github is aespaldi. I live in San Francisco. I’m interested in optimizations in education and excited to learn and share with this group.

(Sam Black) #203

Hi, I’m Sam Black and I teach CS at Lubbock High School in Lubbock, TX. My handle here is lhscompsci. I’m a sci-fi nerd and a proud Trekkie.

I am really interested in using GitHub in my classes and am glad to see the Classroom feature open up. I have a few questions about that but I’ll save those for later.

(Carson Farmer) #204

Hey gang, Carson Farmer (carsonfarmer) from University of Colorado Boulder here. I teach quantitative methods in Geography (mostly in Python). This year we’ve moved our stast and python course materials onto GitHub, and students are using GitHub to manage class projects.

(Eric Chow) #205

Hi Everyone!
I’m Eric, one of three teachers in the Academy of Arts, Media and Entertainment at Burton High School in San Francisco.
My interests include cycling, hiking and camping. I also like to read physical books as well as on tablets and I enjoy audiobooks when I am at the gym.
I have used GitHub primarily as a way for my students to host their portfolios in our academy.
Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

(Philip Harney) #206


I’m the content lead at the CoderDojo Foundation. I believe in the power of computers and code literacy to make the world a better place: The more people understand what computers can do for them, they more they can free up their time to do the things computers can’t do for them.

Our Dojos are a worldwide network of free, volunteer-led, coding clubs. Some use GitHub, some don’t, but encouraging open source and giving back to your community are both core parts of the CoderDojo ethos. Looking to explore this community, and maybe recommend it to some Dojo mentors.

(Alessandro Zanardi) #207

Hi, Alex here, I’m one of the founders and instructors at Codeworks: https://codeworks.me/

We’re a JS dev bootcamp in Barcelona (Spain), trying to raise the bar for software engineering immersive education in Europe.

We use GitHub to manage all classroom assignments, and review code submissions from students.

Feel free to ping me if you’re interested in building partnerships, host events together, think of exchange programs for students, create scholarships, or hire our graduates as JS teachers in your programs.

Cheers to everyone!