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(Nicholas Outram) #461


I’m Nick Outram. I’m an associate professor at the University of Plymouth, UK.
My interests are: Embedded Systems (mbed being the current favourite platform), iOS development (itunes.com/plymouthswift) and VHDL.

I’m requiring all my students to use GitHub these days,mostly to facilitate group/team work but also to help me resolve issues where a groups feels one group member has not contributed.

Furthermore, when students want me to look at their code for help for formative feedback, it’s much more seamless to share complete projects with the GitHub Desktop App on my Mac and PC.


(Chris Cannon) #462

Hello All!

I am an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant at the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College in Greensboro, NC. I have been leading the effort to implement GitHub Classroom in our 2nd level programming class, which focused on Java and Object Oriented Design.

Students are introduced to GitHub in the lab, where they use it to create a copy of their work that they can access at home as a reference or study example. Additionally, they complete 3 “major programming assignments” throughout the year which are completed on GitHub. They work to achieve a series of “levels” which earn them a specific amount of points towards the total, and each level is submitted as a pull request to master. This gives TAs the opportunity to provide immediate feedback throughout the coding process, rather than just in a grade report at the end.

Currently, we are facing a challenge deploying GitHub Desktop in our computer labs. I do not currently understand the technical challenge, though I’m working to understand it. Essentially, because GitHub Desktop is installed using a simple “One-Click” installer, our IT department cannot configure it to install properly for each user on our system, which causes the students to have to install it themselves on each visit to the lab. Any advice on how to solve this would be appreciated.

Additionally, I’ve recapped a lot of how we use GitHub in GEEN 165 here. Any constructive feedback on that is welcome as well!


(Btwarek) #463

Hello, I’m BT, and I manage computer science education for the San Francisco Unified School District. We have recently expanded computer science education throughout our district and are working hard to reach our goal of teaching 100% students in grades PK-8 each year. (You can learn more about our work at www.CSinSF.org.)

Many of our high school teachers are interested in using GitHub Education in their classes!

(Vanessa) #464

Welcome @noutram would love to know more about how you structure your teams: who goes into which team, and how do they check in on milestones? Happy you’re here!

(Vanessa) #465

Welcome @btwarek, glad you’re here. We have some community members in SF who might have great resources for you, including @simart, who is :sparkles:

(Nicholas Outram) #466

For my CS class on embedded systems, there are 124 students this year. They are working on an assignment in small teams of 4. They have been given some sample code to start, and will be working of developing a real-time solution for environmental monitoring.

We have Office 365, so they are encouraged to use “Planner” to help them self-organise.
We use Moodle for the final coursework submission.
Both of these are integrated into our AD name server.

Where github sits is in the day to day management of shared software. We want to encourage both a healthy personal software development process (pull, branch, develop, test, merge) as well as learn to coordinate and share work.

What we are looking at closely are the following outcomes:

  1. Can GitHub help us resolve the rare occasions has a team member that is not engaged. The commits may form part of the evidence to support such a claim. In an ideal world, GitHub would be integrated into the active directory.

  2. Whether using version control liberates students to experiment without fear of damaging the main branch.

  3. How it can streamline the process of providing formative feedback. I have asked all students NOT to email me code, but to use GitHub. This allows me to fork, try, make suggestions / comments and perform a PR. This is also a good way for them to learn how to manage pull requests.

  4. For the future, automated testing something we wish to explore.

Because we cannot officially match up github usernames to verified identities in our AD (set at enrolment), we’re not able to use GitHub for submission of summative work. For that, they need to clone and upload a final zip to Moodle.

The same model is applied to my iOS development module. From next year, we are also considering using Git for VHDL and Quartus projects with the electronics students.

How do you use GitHub for group work (and catch students who trail in participation)
(Vanessa) #467

@noutram Hope it’s cool if I start a new thread on this topic and tag some expert reinforcements :slight_smile:

(Nicholas Outram) #468

Yes - good idea

(yaakov hatam) #469

Hello guyz, my name is Ya’akov (github: @kob-e ). I teach software subjects in several places in Israel.

(Mariana) #470

Hi, I’m Mariana from Argentina. I teach Programming Paradigms at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Buenos Aires. This subject is full of software development assigments (for functional, logical and object orientes programming) and I would like for my students to work in groups using git in the early stages of their career.

(Phi Tau) #471

Hi everyone! I am a STEM teacher at a high school in Texas. Some of my students are already using github for their own projects, and I’m brainstorming ways I can use it in class to introduce others. I’m excited to jump in the community here.

(Abdel G. Martínez L.) #472

Hello everyone!

My name is Abdel, from Panama. Currently professor at Universidad Interamericana de Panamá. The programming languages I teach are Java and Python.

Github Classroom is a jewel on Computer Science courses. Right now I’m like starting to understand its features and trying it with my current groups.

What I think will be a great feature for it is to have peer reviews of projects., like having students reviewing their companion projects.


(Claudio Santoro) #473

HI @sanicki, I’m Claudio, glad to meet you.

I live on Brazil, were Git it’s still an unbelievable adventure for pro’s. But personal challenge, Git everywhere!!!

My interests include obviously, hehe, gadgets, walk in circles (thinking so much oh) and so many other things… Maybe I create a list on future.

I’m excited to deliver open source on my university :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lee Barney) #474

I’m Lee. I teach at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I usually teach programming but this semester I’m using GitHub Classroom to manage a Discrete Math class I’m teaching.

(Sandro Speth) #475

Hi Everyone,

my name is Sandro. I am Associate Leader of the [Student Association of Computer Science] (https://fius.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/) at the University of Stuttgart, Germany and Teaching Assistant for the introductory programming lectures.
Our Student Association works among other things on introducing the university and its processes and common best practices to new students comming to our university. Furthermore we monitor the teaching quality in our faculty.
Since GIT has become state of the art for version controlling and an essential tool in the faculty of computer science it is our intrest to make our students familiar with GIT.


(Eich0041) #476

Hi folks. I’m a newbie at GitHub - but use some GitHub as an R project user. I want to use it more - I consider it superior to our “modern” LMS systems. Anyway - I’m a faculty member at Texas State University in San Marcos in the Department of Occupational, Workforce, and Leadership Studies.

(Andrewgodbout) #477


I’m Andrew, Assistant prof at University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown, PEI. I’ll be using GitHub in my courses to manage assignments and group projects.

-Andrew Godbout

(ThisisBB) #478

Hello everyone.
My name in Vladimir and I’m working as web-developer in one of the ukrainian IT companies, and also as teacher in one of schools in Zhytomir ZMHG #23.
At school I teach programming and algorithmic thinking.

(Adesh Shah) #479

Hi, I’m Adesh a Senior Researcher at Algonquin College Applied Research and Innovation in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I handle server-side web development, native and hybrid mobile application development. We actively use GitHub and GitHub Pages with our students and researcher as part of our project.

(Rob) #480

Hello all I am a high school web design and ap computer science principles teacher in Colorado.