👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Ms. Laverty) #364


My name is Liz Laverty. @elaverty.

I am the Director of Technology Integration and Computer Science teacher at St. Johnsbury Academy.

My AP CS students will be using Github for all of their assignments.

  • Liz

(Stefan Oppl) #365


my name is Stefan Oppl (@oppl) and I’m an assistant professor of business information systems at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria. I’m teaching a course on distributed interactive systems design and development for our undergraduate students in their 3rd year. I’m planning to use Git in general and GitHub in particular to support my students with their collaborative software development assignments and at the same time use GitHub as a case study for the deployment of CSCW instruments.

(Federico Bassetti) #366

Ciao Everybody!
I’m an instructor at Kishwaukee College in Malta, IL. I look forward to integrating GitHub in the classroom. I teach software development, web dev, intro to databases, and shell scripting.

(Koichi) #367

Hello everyone!

I am Koichi, live in Tokyo Japan.

My GitHub organization is programjp - Programming Education Laboratory.
This is a group to teach and lean programming, we have just established one month ago.

My interests include travel and cartoon movies.

(Josh de Leeuw) #368

Hi, all.

I’m Josh de Leeuw. I use GitHub in my courses at Vassar College teaching computational modeling of the mind, brain, and behavior, and in a course about robotics.

(Scott Sanicki) #369

Hi Josh,

We’d love your feedback on the GitHub for Robotics comic book @mozzadrella wrote for us. We initially produced it for FIRST Robotics students, but have been providing it to teachers to help explain the concepts of Git and GitHub to students who are just getting started:


(Vanessa) #370

@jodeleeuw welcome!

Would love to know what Vassar students make in a course about robotics. Would you be open to sharing your syllabus with us?

(Brad Dennis, Ph.D.) #371

Hi Everyone,

My name is Brad and I teach software engineering courses at MSOE in Milwaukee, WI.

(Mohan Gummalam) #372

Hey - I’m Mohan Gummalam, an employee of Facebook, and as part of the “Engineers in Residence” program, we’ll be teaching students at California State University at Monterey Bay (CSUMB). Very excited about the opportunity to teach students!

(Eric Freudenthal) #373

Hi, I’m Eric Freudenthal. I’m a professor of cs at UTEP. I used github classroom for student submissions to my courses last semester (worked great) and would like to do so again. However, I’m having trouble creating the classrooms I need.

(Scott Sanicki) #374

Hi Eric,

Drop us a note at https://education.github.com/contact explaining your setup and the trouble you’re having in as much detail as you can and we’ll try to help.


(Gregory M. Kapfhammer) #375

Hi! My name is Gregory Kapfhammer and I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Allegheny College. During this Spring 2017 semester I am using GitHub to teach a writing and speaking course for first-year students.

(Cam Macdonell) #376

Hi, my name is Cam Macdonell, I use github to teach Software Engineering at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

My github handle is @cmacdonell cmacdonell. A lot of my repos are related to http://software-carpentry.org as I am a volunteer instructor.

I love teaching and version control!


(K Ericson) #377


I’m Kate Ericson, I teach at the University of Tennessee at Martin (UTM).
Currently, I’m using GitHub for my Software Engineering and Compilers classes.

I hope to learn more from all of you here!

(Thomas Hartmann) #378

Cheers. I am Thomas Hartmann.
I am a teacher at Copenhagen Businesss Academy where I teach Computer Science. I teach mostly our 2. and 3. semester where we focus on web techonologies using Java and Javascript with libraries and frameworks like Angular, React and JQuery.
We have started using github as a digital learning platform for our students for them to access all course material, exercises and hand-in.

All the best from here

(Rich Donohue) #379

Hi, there!

I’m Rich Donohue. I’ve helped develop a new online graduate program for the University of Kentucky called New Maps Plus, which focuses on front-end web mapping design and development. I currently teach and update these courses.

I’m trained in Cartography from UW-Madison’s Geography Department, and now I apply traditional cartographic principles to web and mobile mapping.

(Erin Brown) #380


I’m Erin Brown; I’m a faculty member at the University of Miami. I teach Web Design and Programming for Interactivity in our School of Communication. I get many students who have never given consideration to coding … and its fun seeing many of them fall in love with it. I try to keep it fun since learning how to code (through building web pages) was an entirely fun endeavor for me when I was in school.

I love coding in Ruby; my relationship with JavaScript … is complicated. But I’m learning to appreciate it more. I dabble in a physical computing and have a ham radio license. I’m also a recovering journalist and trying to find ways to bring the ‘hacker mentality’ into the newsroom. :slight_smile:

(Captain Nerdling) #381

Hey! I’m Myre. I’m a Secondary School (11-18) Teacher specialising in Computer Science and ICT in the UK.
I’m a programmer at heart (though sadly I only get to teach HTML/CSS/Javascript, Python and SQL at the moment) and a walking pile of nerdy references. I love Computing, Technology, Games (all types :slight_smile: ), Reading and Robots.
I don’t currently use Github in any courses, but I’m looking to see how I can incorporate it into what we do where I work.

(Nicolas Brassard) #382

Hi! I’m Nicolas and I teach undergrad students in Software/IT Engineering

(Vanessa) #383

:wave: hello instructors: @mozzadrella here!

I’m the newest member of the GitHub Education team. I’m an Instructional Designer working out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My interests include participatory design, peer learning, and :cheese:.

Before GitHub I worked on learning experiences for littleBits, Mozilla, Scratch and on badges with Peer 2 Peer University. My master’s is in Technology, Innovation and Education from Harvard I’m a former research intern at the MIT Media Lab.

Get Your Questions Answered

If you have questions about curriculum and best practices in the classroom, I can’t wait to work with you.

You can find me here in the forums. Feel free to start a new thread on your topic so others can learn from it.

Topics we’re going to dig into more in the coming weeks:

  • GitHub for AP Computer Science
  • GitHub Classroom for Large Courses
  • Best Practices for Lesson Planning
  • Automated Grading using Travis CI

Excited to be here and to learn about all of your courses :slight_smile: