👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

Hello, I’m Justin Scott. I’m a Computer Science High School teacher for Poly High School in Riverside CA.

I teach Exploring Computer Science, Information Technology, and Basic Programming. Our high school computer science program has been under the rader and I’m looking to bring new technologies to the program like GitHub.

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Hi all!

I’m Joppe, student computer science at the University of Leuven in Belgium and mentor at CoderDojo.
You can find me on GitHub @jppgks.

My interests span across multiple topics including design, travel, code, product, architecture, running, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Looking forward to learn from others here!

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I’m Clive Boulton, I enjoying attending technical talks in well served locations like Seattle and New York City, then translating and giving full stack web development talks in undeserved locations and communities such as the Bronx and North Cascades. I try to show how much development folks can do with a inexpensive Chromebook instead of an expensive Macbook. Although Mac’s still give more range, Chromebooks can accomplish a good deal in modern web cloud development.

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I am Lars Hinrichs – I teach English linguistics at the U. of Texas at Austin. I am starting to teach a more complete approach to data-science methods both at the undergrad and graduate levels, which will include using GitHub for version management.



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Hello GitHub Education Community,

I am teaching two Java programming courses at the Department of Computer Engineering, Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey. I came across with the GitHub classroom system (cool stuff by the way). I use it to distribute and collect programming assignments for both of the courses.

I have given 4 assignments, three of which have public starter code:

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I am into automatic grading of programming assignments.
Please see my post on the topic, if you are interested.

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I’m new to GitHub classroom, but I’m looking forward to using it for my Web Programming for Non-Programmers course starting in January.

I’m an assistant professor at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, and I am also the director of technology for the library.

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Hello Teachers!

I am Janmejay Rai and my github handle is jay3126.

I live in Noida, India. I have a very Tech Savvy & Technology freak, always striving to learn new technology. I have a passion of teaching and my students always enjoy learning from me.

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Thanks much for this resource, I’m looking forward to integrating these tools and the Github Classroom in a Data Wrangling seminar I’m teaching! I’m a Phd Candidate in ecology at UC Davis, I study rivers, amphibians, and fish, and I’m a Software/Data Carpentry instructor. I also think soccer is the best sport to play and watch.



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Hi there!

I`m new to GitHub Classroom, but this is cool. My name is Alexandr Lyubimov and my GitHub handle is Caparow

At this moment I`m a student of the National Technical University of Ukraine KPI, and studding on the Faculty of Applied Math.

Now, I`m introducing GitHub Classroom to my classmates, so they can to have possibility to use GitHub and learn something new with it.

Also I love cinema and indie music, and of course programming.


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Hi @shaolintl how did your course shake out? Anything surprise you about the course structure or student projects?

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Hi all!

I teach core algorithmics at Epita ; an IT engineering school in Paris. I’m fairly new to github and I just started using it to share content with my students. I decided to get to the second stage and try out github classroom. I’m sure this is going to be an interesting experience, especially with such an active community. My github handle is @bashardudin .


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Hello! I’m Dov Kruger, teaching C++, Java, data structures, and web development at Stevens Institute of Technology.
I can’t believe I missed this classroom before. It’s just what I need!

Looking forward to learning how to create homework assignments for individuals, pairs and groups that can be read by me, but not copied by other groups!

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Hi. I’m Karim Ali (@karimhamdanali). I’m teach programming languages, program analysis, and compilers at the University of Alberta. I use GitHub for my classes to manage assignments, and also for my research group to manage all our research projects and meetings (using the wikis).

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Hey all. David Bean here. Industrial Adjunct at the University of Utah’s School of Computing. Using github for a Ruby on Rails class to manage assignments and (hopefully) automatic grading via rspec.

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Hello everyone!

I’m an online public high school Computer Science teacher focusing on basic computer to computer programming (VB.NET, Java, C++, Pyton). I’m looking to add Git and Github to my curriculum so this is awesome! I plan to ‘pick your brains’ on how to get this to my students. I’ve just recently attended a class on Git myself utilizing Git Bash and Github.

I’m currently working with Ohio Virtual Academy but also just started working on building the AP Computer Science A course for a university’s extension program. Very exciting times and there’s so much to consider that I’m almost overwhelmed! Taking advantage of Winter Break to get it organized. I was hoping to utilize GitHub for my curriculum.

Otherwise, in my spare time, I love giving fun, informal dinner parties (plus OSU Buckeye and FSU Seminole tailgate parties) for my family and friends, reading historical romance novels and gardening.

Looking forward to meeting y’all!

Dorene (@dorenecom on GitHub)

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I’ve written this for my ‘Teaching Kids Programming’ courseware for middle and high school teachers using #TKPJavahttps://www.penflip.com/lynnlangit/tkp-lesson-plans/blob/master/course09b.txt

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Your organization looks great @lynnlangit . I look forward to going through your curriculum.

I see you opted to use Github Desktop. I was wondering what factors went into your decision and what made you ultimately decide to use Github Desktop instead of command line or the Eclipse plug in?

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Hey Luis, Carlos, and Brant,

I’m actually planning on traveling to Spain this summer to teach computer science and hope to begin a community outreach program here in Los Angeles, California to help people who speak primarily Spanish with programming.

I would love to talk to you all about teaching computer science in Spanish as I just recently started learning to speak it


We use GitHub Desktop as our organization targets middle-school aged kids. Via A/B testing with teachers and kids, we found that using GH Desktop was more comprehensible than using the Eclipse plug in. Also, we don’t introduce / use GitHub until the middle of the full year of working with TKPJava courseware.

If you do try out our courseware, we welcome feedback! Be sure to read the TKPJava instructional design section (for teachers) – https://www.penflip.com/lynnlangit/tkp-lesson-plans/blob/master/course100.txt



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