👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Charlotte Wickham) #1443


I’ve been a github user for awhile, but it’s taken a long time to get around to using github in the classroom - finally jumping in this Fall.


(Mrsbeee) #1444

Hi folks,

I’m Leilani and am teaching AP CS in Hawaii. I’m new to GitHub, myself, but my students were interested in using it…so here I am, trying to figure out enough to make it work for all of us! Growth Mindset is a thing, right?

(Nathan Eloe) #1445

Hi Everyone!
I’m Nathan (or Nate, whichever!) and you can find me on GitHub as @neloe

I’m an assistant professor of Computer Science at Northwest Missouri State University; originally my research area was qualitative spacial reasoning over time (and in 3D), but since becoming a faculty member I’ve shifted my research focus more to how to introduce (potentially intimidating) tools like Git to novice programmers and improve CS Education. More specifically I like to investigate how to make it (and other technologies) a productive and useful part of education instead of a hindrance (I’m looking at you systems that administrations tell faculty to use that just make our lives harder).

Right now, I use GitHub in the classroom for assignments and assessment, and am working towards making be where I distribute most everything about the courses I teach (Data Structures, Operating Systems, Algorithms, Web Mining, and Scientific Computing).

Don’t know what else to say, and it’s early, so I’ll end it here!

(Saksham Anand) #1446

Hi there,

I am Saksham, and my GitHub handle is @SakshamInABox . I teach git as part of university computer science club. Looking forward to this course.


(Fedemartino) #1447

Hi everyone!

I’m Federico, from Uruguay. I teach object oriented programming and system simulations at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay. Looking forward to using GitHub as a tool for sharing code and notes with my students


(Ankit Solanki) #1448

Hey all!

I’m Ankit Solanki and I am a computer scientist and engineer at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

My GitHub handle is techcentaur, and I live in New Delhi, India.

I use GitHub for open source contributions, for my own projects, for university projects, and for developing software with version control along with fellow collaborators. I find it extremely organised and helpful.

My interested vary from philosophy, literature, to cinematography, and of-course computers.

I look forward to interacting with you all.

(JagCode) #1449

Hello everyone!! My name is Carlos Lope and I live in Austin, TX.

I am a mentor with MBK/Changing Expectations Coding Maker Space and a high school teacher trying to get a computer science program started at my school. I also coach a CyberPatriot team after school.

It’s my goal to learn and teach all the things web development, cybersecurity, and networking while helping students from underserved communities find interest in technology.

My Github handle is lopezlbj. :grin: :+1:

(Stephen) #1450

I am a {first year} high school Computer Science teacher in Texas. This is our district’s first year to have CS and it’s been an exciting journey so far! There has been a lot of experiments along the way and I’ve been blessed to have great students who are willing to remain flexible as we find what works best for our class.

From the day I was hired I knew that promoting, using, and teaching with FOSS technologies and applications would be a cornerstone of our program. Our two main tools in the course are Ubuntu Mate 18.04 and Python 3, which have been wonderful.

I look forward to hearing more about what has worked for your class as the year goes on.


(Anton Dalmau Mines) #1451

Hello everyone!

I’m Anton from Catalonia (Spain). I teach web development (client and server side) under JavaScript and PHP in native mode, but using libraries and frameworks as well. Sometimes I’ve teach courses about networking or ERP, but I prefer web :wink:

(Bimlesh Wadhwa) #1452

I’m Bimlesh Wadhwa. I teach at NUS, Singapore. My class is fully integrated with GitHub classroom, with students collaborating and submitting assignments and projects.

(Alu Rwa) #1453

Hello Everybody!

My name is Mehdi Oulmakki, and I am teaching computer science at the African Leadership University, based in Rwanda.

I am currently teaching introductory programming to ~90 CS students, and we are starting with Git from day 1, Git classroom definitely make this an enjoyable process.

I’m particularly interested in connecting with other folks from around the African continent :earth_africa: or anyone tackling teaching multicultural, diverse groups of students. with 20+ countries represented in the classroom the culture is beautifully crazy :smiley:

(Ekaansh Arora) #1454

Hey, I’m Ekaansh Arora. I’ve been the president of Converge Clan, the computer club of Montfort School, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi in India. A club of like minded individuals fascinated by tech, the strength varies each year from 40-60 students working closely together and we hold inter school event called Gateway. I visit school periodically to teach batches of students about web technologies, programming fundamentals and design. I give them exposure to platforms like GitHub. It’s great to see the start of this initiative.

(Abinash Senapati) #1455

Hello teachers :wave: , I am Abinash Senapati, an undergrad at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

My Github handle is @Techievena and my website https://techievena.github.io/.

I am from Bhubaneswar, India.

I am a developer at the organisations coala and Apertium.

My interests include reading :open_book:, sketching :paintbrush: and listening to music :musical_note:.

(David Everitt) #1456

We have used GitHub, GitHub pages and GIT from the command-line for our front-end web technology students for two years, with only the usual problems (“it doesn’t work!”, “I deleted my repo!”, “Another student has ‘appeared’ in my commit history!”, etc.). We looked at Classroom, but never made enough time to get the hang of setting it up.

Student final project URLs (both repo and GitHub pages) are submitted by plain text via the Uni system (Blackboard).

We also used GitHub so students can clone tutorial code (github.com/ctec3905), and GitHub pages to publish lecture slides (created with Reveal.js).

As well as and on-the-fly changes in class (if we spotted an error in the material or needed to update it), lab exercise solutions were pushed as branches towards the end of the classes, figuring if students are smart enough they’ll look (they never do, and always need to be told).

The module’s repos are a bit messy because, you know, time and other demands. This year we’ll make a thorough clean-up and introduce an unambiguous naming convention.

However, this year we’re being pressed about repo privacy and possible plagiarism. So after finding some great tips on this archived repo (/education/teachers/issues/) I joined this forum for advice. I hope we can sort things out in time for October…

(Mahdi Hosseini) #1457

hello everyone
my name is Mahdi hosseini
i live in IRAN
im primary teacher, I am also studying master’s degree in Educational Technology field.
also try to teach children programming
my github username is @ghost1372
my interests include programming, travel, history, game, teaching

(Nickp60) #1458

Hi Everyone! My name is Nick, I am a working in Galway, Ireland, and I help teach a weekly hacky hour for grad students at NUIG as well as running trainings for researchers in this department. I use Github pages for hosting our hacky hour website, teach people reproducible research techniques, and help them make their research software available on Github.

I am interested in microbial bioinformatics, particularly genome assembly. In my free time, I enjoy playing with Flask, Nativescript, and making Shiny apps! If the weather is nice, I like to get outside as far away from my computer as possible :slight_smile:

(Milinda Laknath Arambawela) #1459

Hello Everyone,
I’m Milinda Arambawela
I’m from Sri Lanka.
I’m a member of FOSS Sri Lanka and Mozilla Sri Lanka. I am promoting and teaching opensource technologies and stuff. I’m an Applied Science graduate from Rajarata University and currently working as a Software Engineer. My GitHub handle is @MilindaLaknath
I’m interested in foss, movies, travelling and volunteering

(Darren Curtis) #1460

I’m Darren Curtis and I teach Software Design Patterns at Washington State University.

I am interested in many programming languages and software design techniques.

(Janyl Jumadinova) #1461

Hi all,

My name is Janyl Jumadinova. I teach computer science courses at Allegheny College. We use GitHub and GitHub Classroom to deliver course materials, to release course assignments, and to receive student submissions.

(Joeappleton18) #1462

Hello Teachers,

I teach Web Technologies at Southampton Solent University in the United Kingdom. I currently use GitHub classrooms to deliver Web Units to around 200 students each year.