👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Rcs Abate) #1333

Hi everyone,
My name is Andrew Abate and I am the Computer Science department chair at Riverdale Country School located in Bronx, NY.

We are exploring use of Github with our courses this year. Last year, a couple of our upper level courses used Github to colloborate on long term group projects. This year, we are investing Github for classrooms.

Happy to connect with everyone!

(Patrick Martini) #1334

Hi everyone!
I’m Patrick(@trickmartini), a Computer Engineering student at Universidade de Santa Cruz do sul.
I have created my own classroom to help others students and spread the advantages of using this tool with the others students and teachers in my course.

(Donal Heidenblad) #1335


I am a lecturer at the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland where I teach programming and technology courses. I use github (@donalus ) to develop my classes and consider source control concepts to be an important skill for my students to graduate with.

(Amalong) #1336

What an impressive community of teachers!

I’m Jared Amalong and I am the Computer Science Coordinator at the Sacramento County Office of Education and part-time instructor at Sierra College in Rocklin, CA.

My GitHub handle is @amalong.

I live in Northern California :sunrise_over_mountains: and my interests include :running_man: and :swimming_man:. I have two :dog:'s. I really enjoy working with the wonderful high school IT and CS teachers in the Sacramento Region. I am looking forward to the Campus Advisors course and sharing the experience with others!

(Sneshyba) #1337

Hi, I’m Steven Neshyba, at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington (USA). My colleagues and I have a collaborative project in which we are using Python, via Jupyter Notebooks as a scaffold, to create computational guided inquiry (CGI) modules for undergraduates in Chemistry and Climate Science. The CGIs lead students to analyze data (e.g., real geophysical or laboratory data) by creating graphic displays, numerically integrating difficult functions, solving time-dependent equations. I’m excited to see how GitHub Education can make this collaboration work!

(Sasha Ivanov) #1338

Hello all! My name is Sasha Ivanov :man_technologist:t2: and I am teaching the iOS Development :iphone: course at the University of Calgary in Canada :canada:. I am interested in using GitHub in the classroom and was introduced to this fantastic community of teachers and GitHub promoters :robot:! Some of my interests include iOS development, designing for augmented reality, and creating information visualizations :bar_chart:. I’m definitely excited to be a part of this community and see a bright future ahead for GitHub’s involvement in classrooms around the world :earth_americas:.

(Tom G) #1339

Howdy! I’m investigating using the GitHub Classroom as part of our Masters of Information Systems program here at Indiana University. I’ve been a GitHub user for years (previously employed as a developer), and hope GitHub can help my students perform even better.

(Jewell Simon) #1340

Good day humans,

  • My name is Jewell Simon I am a high school teacher from Baton Rouge Louisiana currently I teach at Lee Magnet High School.
  • Every year I teach something a little different:
  • this year I have a creative coding class(Kotlin)
  • coding for the web class(es6+)
  • game design(c#)
  • a digital art class(illustrator/toonboom/afterEffects)
  • and a senior capstone course (what ever language a student chooses)
    I am so happy that I can spin up their project to grade them without having them share their links and downloading them to my local machine. I am hype about using github classroom and hope to share any discovered best practices as well as my failures with everyone in the near future.
    aspire to inspire before you expire

(Chad Purdy) #1341

Hi Everybody,

I teach Computer Science in Corpus Christi, TX. I enjoy video games, programming, and spending time with my family. I look forward to learning how to effectively implement Git and Github in my classroom.

(Yasmine Abdrabo) #1342

Hi everyone!

My name is Yasmine Abdrabo, I am currently a Computer Science student at FIU. I’m hoping to be able to help or possibly lead a GitHub workshop for my organization on campus so that more students start using GitHub for all their projects. I also want to be more acquainted with GitHub so that I can utilize it as much as possible.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

(Ben Holland) #1343

Hi all,

I’m Ben, I’m using GitHub Classrooms this semester (for the first time) to teach a software security and program analysis course at Iowa State University (https://se421.github.io/). I’m looking forward to figuring out how to use GitHub in the classroom.

(Lyle Harlow) #1344

Hello fellow teachers.

I teach mechatronics at the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy.

This year I hope to implement GitHub classroom into our senior level curriculum for mechatronics.

(ancadm) #1345

Hi everyone,
I am a teacher at Georgia Gwinnett College and use Github for my Software Development students. Github gives students a good platform for working in teams on projects along with practicing good version control habits.
Have a great day!

(Fredrik Erlandsson) #1346

Hello everyone!

I’m Fredrik, a lecturer in Computer Science at Blekinge Institute of Technology.

My GitHub handle is fredrike.

I live in Sweden.

My interests include travel :airplane_small:, gadgets :robot:, and home automation.

I am going to teach an introductory CS course in Python :snake: this fall and are going to introduce my students to git and show them the perks of github.

(Rainer Stropek) #1347


My name is Rainer and I teach software engineering at a high school for computer science in Austria (Europe). I have been using GitHub last school year and the experience was great. In particular, I used GitHub in the following ways:

  • Publish course material using GitHub Pages
  • Publish exercises (code + markdown) on GitHub
  • Use GitHub Classroom for homework and exams


(Jirka Dell'Oro-Friedl) #1348

Hi There,

my name is Jirka and I teach game design and development from the fundamentals of programming to psychological aspects for bachelor and master students at the Furtwangen University in the Black Forest in Germany. I use github to host course material, manage tasks and assignments as well as the communication around it and to have students publish their results on github-pages and for other PaaS such as Heroku.

(Tiffany A. Timbers) #1349

Hi all, I am Tiffany Timbers, Instructor and Option co-Director for the Master of Data Science program at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I teach programming, reproducible workflows (using Git and GitHub!) and introductory statistical analysis for Data Science. We use GitHub Enterprise as our course and program management system for the program, and it has been a great experience from the Instructor side. From the student-side, using GitHub to submit every assignment and quiz for 10 months (the length of the program) means that they are really comfortable using version control by the end of the program.

(Anthonybsouthwestern) #1350

Hi, I’m Barbara Anthony. I teach a range of computer science courses, and I’ve been using Github in classes for years, but will just now be trying out github’s classroom this year.

(Coachwhitaker) #1351

Howdy y’all! I’m Jim Whitaker. I teach a few different CS courses. I have only used Github in PLTW’s CSP course. This year I’m part of a CS pilot course called Project Based Programming and Github will hopefully be an integral part of that new adventure.

(Kperry6056) #1352

Hi Everyone,
I teach Computer Science in Burnt Hills, NY. I plan to begin use of GitHub Classroom this year for distribution of code starters, programming project submissions, and collaborative programming projects.