👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Scott Sanicki) #127

:wave:Sarah. You might consider starting a topic, “Introducing GitHub in the classroom” asking other teachers what’s been successful for them.

(Scott Sanicki) #128

Welcome Eric. Would you be willing to create a topic, for case studies, where you and other long-time users might provide additional details of your use of GitHub in class and answer questions others might have?

(Scott Sanicki) #129

Hi Andrew. Please tell your family and other educators you know about https://education.github.community. Consider sharing the link on social media if you think that will help get the word out about our new community.

(Eric Boivin) #130

Sure! I’ll do that in the next days! It’s great seeing all the people trying to dip their toes, it will be a pleasure to share my experience!

(Scott Sanicki) #131

Hey Nitesh. It doesn’t look like you’ve enrolled as a teacher with us yet. As an educator you can apply here for unlimited free private repositories for your individual account and for any classroom organizations you have.

(Scott Sanicki) #132

:wave: Zeke. It’d be great if you started a connversation about how we might allow coding bootcamp students to request the Student Developer Pack in the future.

(Scott Sanicki) #133

Hello Zach. I hope you’ll encourage your instructors to participate here as well.

(Alexander Bazo) #134

Hi everyone,
I am a phd student at @UniRegensburg. I am teaching basic and advanced programming and software engineering classes. I encourage (and sometimes force) my students to use version control (especially git) for all their assignments and projects.

My teaching focuses on using the browser as a platform for rich applications. In my research I am trying to understand programmers individual behaviour while implementing software.

Kind regards and many thanks to github,
Alexander Bazo

(Scott Sanicki) #135

Hey Matt. It would be :sparkles: if you’d start a topic about “Best practices.”

(Scott Sanicki) #136

Hi Sébastien. We’d appreciate your thoughts on this as well.

(Scott Sanicki) #137

:wave: Chad. Welcome. Have you requested a swag bag for the upcoming semester yet?

(Scott Sanicki) #139

:wave: Tommy. Would you be interested in talking about how to successfully design a curriculum that maximizes students’ employement opportunities?

(Philipschielke) #140

Hi, I’m Phil Schielke and teach Computer Science in Austin TX and my github handle is philschielke. Excited to use github in the classroom this fall!

(Scott Sanicki) #141

Hello Jaime. We’re looking forward to seeing :camera_with_flash: of you and your students with your GitHub stuff on Facebook or Twitter when your :package: arrives, and also to your first post. Welcome.

(Scott Sanicki) #142

Hey Bunkermaster. I’d :heart: to see a post by you on “Inspiring students through open source.”

(Yann Le Scouarnec) #143

Greetings Scott, I’m working on a couple new courses right now but I will try to squeeze a discussion starter on that topic.

(Jim Bowring) #144

Hi - Jim Bowring here. I teach Software Engineering two-course sequence at the College of Charleston and depend on Github and open source projects. This paper details my efforts. I intend to use more of the Github teaching resources going forward. Cheers!

(Readoc) #145

Greetings all:

I’m a professor at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI.

I primarily teach programming (Java, C#, PHP, Python, Android, etc.) and am in charge of our Graduate and Professional Information Security program.

When I’m not teaching I tend to work with the POSSE group (http:/foss2serve.org)

I’ve used Github quite often for student projects. I’m requiring it for my Fall classes and received my huge box of handouts a couple of week ago from GitHub (thanks again).

I look forward to learning much from everyone.

(James Abela) #146

Hello Everyone,

I am James Abela and I teach Computer Science. My students are using github to store their Python Challenges. You are very welcome to join in too at:

Best wishes

P.S. If you want to add a link to your school’s assignment page, just let me know. (I use a Google Form)

(Jiayu Zhou) #147

Hi, my name is Jiayu Zhou (@jiayuzhou ), and I teach Machine Learning in Michigan State University. I use Github for research projects, as well as collaborating latex writings.