👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Eduardo Hernandez) #1233

Hello there!
I am Eduardo, from Mexico, and i am 23 years old
I am an ungraduated computer system engineer
My interest include play with my dogs, reading and go out with my friends
Of course, i love meet new people, is too nice listen all kind of ideas.

(Margarita Zias) #1234

Hello everyone! My name is Margarita Zias and I am a CS student at CUNY Queens College. I am also a computer science instructor and a certified college assistant. I work with middle school, high school and college students to teach them programing.

(Abhishek Prasad) #1235

Hello teachers!
This is Abhishek Prasad from India,

My github handle is (link)

I have been an open source contributor since the past 10 months and have really seen how it’s an amazing tool to collaborate with fantastic people.

I started teaching about github about 2 months ago and now I have setup an org in Github named WrippleFOSS, It helps students who don’t really know about open source collaborate with other students and make open source projects under the guidance of a mentor.

At the moment I just graduated and will be starting my new job. Hoping that through teaching I can learn a lot and get better opportunities. Along with spreading the word about open source.

(Leandro) #1236

Olá, meu nome é leandro sou do Brasil e estou começando a usar essa plataforma. Eu estou gostando muito.

(Itsmeashutosh43) #1237

Hello World, I am Ashutosh Chapagain studying in Kathmandu University, Nepal.
I am a student developer community head in my university and I intend to teach git in my university.

(Sufiankaki) #1238

Hello Teachers,

This is Sufian from India, an adjunct faculty at some of the Innovation Centers in the country building a culture of Innovation through practical learning :slight_smile:

(Mrrebmann) #1239

Just moving on to GitHub classroom after working locally for years teaching coding to middle schoolers. New program this coming year in HS

(Raja Kushalnagar) #1240

I teach app development and security at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. I’m looking for ways to integrate use of GitHub in the classroom to introduce my students to source code management and working as a team earlier in the curriculum.

(Abhishek Uniyal) #1241

:wave: Hi everyone! I’m Abhishek, Co-Founder of Fnplus. We’re a student developer community in India and we aim to bridge the skill app of college students and corporates using our own learning ecosystem which Github Education is going to a part of. We have a community of 2K members and rapidly expanding. Join us at : www.fnplus.xyz :hugs:

(Hammad Mashkoor) #1242

Hello everyone,
I am Hammad Mashkoor @hammadmashkoor
I teach Engineering students at Allenhouse Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

(Bcutten) #1243

Hi all!

I’m a high school teacher from Guelph, Ontario. I love teaching computer science and I’m hoping to start using GitHub with my Grade 12’s for their final projects.

This Campus Advisor thing seems right up my alley. Looking forward to learning with you!


(Lauren Hopkins) #1244

Hi Everyone!

I teach Digital Media Arts at a local career center, Clearfield County CTC. I was teaching another program and we are just starting this new one for the upcoming school year. A good portion of the program will focus on web development and I would like to give my students exposure to version control since it is what they will need in the workforce. It will also be useful in helping them build a portfolio. I have a little bit of experience with Git and GitHub, but I’m looking to increase my knowledge.

(Sean L.) #1245

Hi :wave: I’m Sean, (@Igniuss everywhere else), and I’m a programmer and community manager at my company,

I’m the one in charge of teaching everyone git, and the workflow (while I’m still learning most of it).

(Ygor Canalli) #1246

Hello everybody! I’m a programming professor at a public school at Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. my interests include teaching and machine learning.

(Dlwopr83) #1247

Hi everyone! My name is Eric Hartman, and I am a technology educator in Laguna Niguel, CA. This year, as part of my technology elective for 6th graders (it’s an 18 week course), I am adding a component where my students and I can post the sites we create (currently, I use, coincidentally enough, Atom, but my students do not have a place to show what they’ve created). I am hoping to learn more about this community during my summer time, so that I can share what I’ve learned with my students.

I am also hoping there is those out there who, once in this same position themselves, can direct me toward the BEST way to get started in the GitHub Education Community, as well as recommending outside resources (preferably free and reliable for schools).

(Dlwopr83) #1248

How old are the students you teach (I work with 6th graders, so 11)? I am looking to expand the coding portion of my technology elective, especially as it relates to Java, and I’d be interested in learning more about the efficacy (for my purposes) of Angular (which I’ve never heard of) and your “server side stuff”. : ) Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

(Fernanda Ochoa) #1249

Hi Martin, I can help you with some workshops!!
Let me know if you want support with that!

(Fernanda Ochoa) #1250

Hi Folks!
I’m Fernanda Ochoa my GitHub handle is FernandaOchoa
I’m from León, Guanajuato, México :mexico:
My interests are robotics :robot: learn new things :computer: and share :wink:
I am instructor and former at codigo facilito also on Auribox Training and Bravers a Little bootcamp at Tecnologico de León.

Nice to meet you and if need something just DM!

(Isara Naranirattisai) #1251

Hi everyone,
I’m Dream (@DreamN) , from Thailand :thailand: .
I’m new graduated from “King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang”.
Currently a full time software engineer.
I learned git and github features by myself while i’m a freshman and i think it’s cool and can help us a lot in software development and project management.
I usually create a workshop/ knowledge sharing session to teach my younger student at my university about technology, programming, web development and of course “git and github” (i also create a problem to give students to solve(by folk) and then create some pull request once they’re solved and i gave a little gift for the fastest pr!).
moreover, when i’m participated in some hackathon i also teach team members to using git for software development and github’s features ex. project for project management too.
and i’ll continue sharing these even if i’m graduated :slightly_smiling_face: (yes i love knowledge sharing :smiley:)

(Reuben Antz) #1252

Hello Everyone,

I’m Reuben (antzshrek) from Nigeria, who is big fan of Stackoverflow.
I’m a software developer very open to open source collaboration on any kinda project.
I love swimming.