👋 Teachers, GitHub Education is Looking for Your Cloud9 Curriculum!

Hi Teachers! The GitHub Education Team is looking for Cloud9 activities that you have used in your classroom. We are interested in seeing some of the creative assignments or projects you have done using this technology.

Feel free to post those assignments in reply to this topic so that the GitHub Education Team as well as your peers can see some of the awesome work you do in your classroom!


I created this curriculum (slides + exercises for now) aimed at teaching high school students python a few years ago before I moved into doing more CS professional development for K-12 teachers. It was originally written be used with Cloud9, although recently we’ve been switching to repl.it (you can see in the switch in the slides where the intro refers to repl.it but the displays are still from c9). It could use some TLC at this point but covers all the basics.

Thank you @brrcrites for sharing! This is fantastic! Would you mind if I reached out to you if I have any additional questions?

@ericdrosado feel free to email me if you have any questions or spot anything that needs to be updated (or submit a PR if its for one of the examples)