Teachers and Student Developer Pack


Are teachers included in the Github Student Developer Pack ?

Thank you

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Hi Mathieu,

At this time only students are eligible for the partner offers that are included with the GitHub Student Developer Pack, but teachers may still request free unlimited private repositories for their individual account and for use with GitHub Classroom organizations at https://education.github.com.

Additionally, teachers may request a request a swag bag full of GitHub educational materials and goodies for your students by following these directions.


Hello, This is Emma Morris from Sheffield, United Kingdom. I am a student of Bs Computer Science and I had a project of some e-commerce development so that I need to know if I would face some issue regarding development can I allow to take some advice from you all? Otherwise, I have an option to take some suggestion from my nearby ecommerce web development company in UK. Although my seniors said that you can take help from these types of forums. Kindly update me with new Github Student Developer Pack. Cheers

Hi Emma,

As a student, you may apply for the GitHub Student Developer Pack at https://education.github.com. Please see help.github.com/categories/teaching-and-learning-with-github-education if you have any questions.