Teacher training from GitHub is here

Teacher training to master Git and GitHub is here :boom::boom: :boom:

One of the most common questions we hear from these teachers is “How do I use Git and GitHub?”

We’ve seen the magical things that teachers do with GitHub, and we want to help.

The Campus Advisors training directly addresses classroom use and the needs of teachers in four modules:

  • Git basics: understand how Git works so you’re better prepared to help your students when they get stuck
  • Individual work: create, distribute, and collect coding exercises for your students to complete individually using GitHub Classroom
  • Group work: strategies for creating group learning experiences that parallel real-world software development and techniques to understand individual contributions to group projects
  • Student programs: opportunities for you to encourage self-directed technical education outside the classroom

All of these modules are online and available fo you to take at your own pace. Once you complete the last exercise, you can apply to become a certified GitHub Campus Advisor.

Start the training here:

We’ve created a new area in the community for folks to post their assignments: