Teacher Training Certification Process (WIP)

(Vanessa) #1

A few folks have asked “how do I pass this?”

What to expect from Teacher Training Certification

  • A form where you will submit links to all of your module screenshots and reflections from these forums
  • An onboarding interview with yours truly over videochat
  • A certificate of completion to be sent to you

When will certification be available?

  • This spring
  • For now, please use the training to help with your courses
  • I’ll notify you via the forums and email that it’s ready

Ping me with questions about it or suggestions here on this thread. :sparkles:

(MiltonLab) #2

Exist a limit date to finish the course and get the certificate?

(Vanessa) #3

@miltonlab we’ll be offering certificates soon, I would estimate in April. But I don’t see a deadline as part of this training–we know teachers are taxed for time, so we want you to take it at your own pace.

(MiltonLab) #4

They are very considerate,
Thanks very much @mozzadrella.