Teacher Training Certification Process (WIP)

(Vanessa) #1

A few folks have asked “how do I pass this?”

What to expect from Teacher Training Certification

  • A form where you will submit links to all of your module screenshots and reflections from these forums
  • An onboarding interview with yours truly over videochat
  • A certificate of completion to be sent to you

When will certification be available?

  • This spring
  • For now, please use the training to help with your courses
  • I’ll notify you via the forums and email that it’s ready

Ping me with questions about it or suggestions here on this thread. :sparkles:

(MiltonLab) #2

Exist a limit date to finish the course and get the certificate?

(Vanessa) #3

@miltonlab we’ll be offering certificates soon, I would estimate in April. But I don’t see a deadline as part of this training–we know teachers are taxed for time, so we want you to take it at your own pace.

(MiltonLab) #4

They are very considerate,
Thanks very much @mozzadrella.

(Ricardo Martin Marcucci) #5

Hi @mozzadrella.
This Teacher Training Certification is for the teachers that finish the Campus Advisors training?
How we can know if we have finished our campus advisors training or if we have to redo some exercise?
Thanks for the great opportunity.

(Joachim Francois) #6

@mozzadrella Great initiative! Looking forward in seeing this go live :wink:

(Vipul Gupta) #7

Where is the form link ?

(Dr. Ayaz H. Khan) #8

I have submitted the answers of the asked questions on the forum (Module 4: Exercise 1). Is it enough for the certificate?
Will you send me the time for online interview or should I have to record some video and sent to you?