Teacher takeover at GitHub Universe: Call for Proposals

(Vanessa) #1

:wave: hi teachers. Got some exciting news! :fireworks: :comet:

##GitHub Universe is coming 10-12 October in San Francisco and the Call for Papers is open.

##Key data:

Would love to see talks from teachers doing innovative things with GitHub and learning.

(Claudio Santoro) #2

Woah, does GitHub Universe has really call for papers?

So GitHub does have their own Journal or what? IPF it’s what?

(Vanessa) #3

:wave: @sant0ro GitHub doesn’t have a scholarly journal if that’s what you mean, but the call for proposals is for our user conference.

(Claudio Santoro) #4

Oh I see, so what kinda of papers does GitHub expects? It’s possible to propose an academic paper, like something related to the “Internet of Things” scenario?

I just doesn’t understand correctly what it’s this call of paper. :sweat_smile:

(Ryan B. Harvey) #5

I don’t work for GitHub, so this is my interpretation of things. I think it’s more like a call for talk proposals than a traditional call for papers as you might expect from an academic conference or journal. There’s a bit of information in the CFP site on what they’re looking for. Assuming you can fit your talk cleanly within one of the 4 tracks (Code, Architecture, Operations, People), the rest of the guidelines are pretty broad, so should be fine.