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I am Dr.Qasim Ali an administrator of Github Campus Program of UET Lahore.

I have requested a swag bag for my students about 15 days ago. I want yo know that in how much time I will receive my order? Please let me know that what is the maximum time for your swag order delivery?

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Assalam-o-Alaikum! Sir,
It will take about 15 days for processing, 12-15 days after you will receive an email, and after that it will take a week more for shipping purposes etc.
It Wil take a month (30 days) in the whole process from Requesting to your Doorstep in Pakistan
Based on my Personal experience.
I am from Abbottabad, Pursuing Computer Engineering from UET Peshawar.
Allah Hafiz

Thank you Ahmad for your guidance.

Can you please let me know that what should I do if I haven’t received my tracking ID after 1 month of swag request?

Dr. Qasim Ali
University of Engineering and Technology Lahore

May be you can try GitHub Support or requesting a new one!

Hi @drqasimali

We’ve already mentioned to you in several emails that all swag is backordered, which means that all swag orders have to wait until our vendor receives new shipment of swag. Once the shipment comes in then we will begin processing orders.

You will have to continue to wait and be patient until the GitHub education teams contacts you with tracking confirmation.


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