Survey: Tool Usage in Software Engineering

My name is Aexander Bazo. I am a researcher and lecturer at the University of Regensburg, Germany. One of my master students, Felix Riedl, is investigating possible usages of code quality measures and version control data to aid teachers in supporting software engineering students, especially with early, context-sensitive, and constructive feedback.

As a start and an attempt to get a better understanding which tools and platforms are commonly used in modern software engineering education, we ask you to take part in a short survey [Link:]. It won’t take long. If you currently are or have worked in software engineering education in the past, your participation would be of great help. Feel free to ask any questions or discuss the matter. Any feedback will be much appreciated.

Kind regards
Alexander Bazo

Hi Alexander,
Thx for this initiative. Through the questions of the survey, I got the feeling I would be very interested in the results and/or motivation of your work.
If the results of the survey ar public, it would great if you can give some feedbak.
Frederic BAUCHER.

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