Suppress automatic notifications before they start, for entire classroom?

noob, so please forgive this, but I searched and didn’t find an answer.

Whenever a student accepts an assignment, I get a notification (and a chance to unsubscribe), since I have push access. I can’t find a place in the classroom settings to avoid getting that first notice. In a class of 70+ students, it’s a lot of email traffic.

Is there a way to turn off those notifications for the entire classroom, rather than having to turn them off one student at a time, one assignment at a time?

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One quick alternative, if you are using a mail service that supports it, is to have all the email from GitHub go directly to a different folder. I prefer this because I actually appreciate the real time notification that work is being done (outside of the initial import deluge).

Thank you for the suggestion!

Unfortunately, I’m involved in a number of research projects that use GitHub; would prefer not to miss those notifications. But perhaps a filter that looks for the assignment name stub would do it.

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GitHub adds a number of mailer headers, so you should be able to define filters based on these, to filter things from separate projects or lists into different folders/labels.

If your classroom notifications come from a specific organization you can filter them using <your-organization-name>

In gmail, you can type list:<your-organization-name> in the search box, and then click the little gray triangle immediately to the left of the blue search button:

That gives you a pre-filled filter configuration, and there’s a link at the bottom right that says “create filter with this search”. Click that and tell it which label to send these to.

Another thing you can do is turn off the “automatically watch new repository” setting in the page on Github.

Then you’ll still get notifications for repositories you watch, but you won’t automatically get notifications for every single new repository created in any organization that you are a member of.


Thank you! That’s just what I needed.

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