Suppress automated tests for specific commit/push

Is there a way to suppress the running of the automated tests for a specific commit/push?

I see that my class is running out of minutes for the month. Currently, the automated tests run every time a student commits and pushes — even if that commit/push is only intended to serve as a checkpoint and/or to save the work to the cloud. (The process of creating the repository also causes the tests to run even though they will all fail at this point.)

Is there a magic phrase that one can put in the commit message that will cause the git action not to run?

If you’re up for manually writing your .github/workflows/classroom.yml and .github/classroom/autograding.json files instead of using the web interface during assignment creation, you can choose a different trigger for the action. At the top of classroom.yml you might see:

    name: GitHub Classroom Workflow

    on: [push]

You can change the on: [push] part to something like on: [workflow_dispatch]. See the docs for more information:

(disclaimer: I have not attempted the above with GitHub Classroom, so YMMV)