Suggestion: only include master branch from template repo when creating assignment

I notice that when you create a repository from a template in GitHub, the default is to only include the master branch, and there’s an option to include all branches if required.

In GitHub classroom however, it seems the default is the opposite, and there’s no option to change the behaviour. When I create an assignment from a template repo, it includes all the branches from the template by default.

It would be great if the default behaviour regarding branches when creating assignments from templates was the same as the default for creating repos from templates in GitHub, because it would facilitate a simpler workflow.

Right now I have two repositories for each assignment, one that includes a solution (which I use for developing tests for autograding), and another which has the solution removed. The one without the solution is used as the template for creating assignments. Any changes to the solution repo have to be ported over to the other repo, it becomes a bit of a pain to manage this.

If GitHub classroom only used the master branch when creating assignments, then I could just have one repo per assignment, with the solution code on it’s own branch.