Suggestion: Custom Labels Retained Through Assignment Invites

Just tested creating custom Labels (Signed, Suggestion, Reviewed, etc.) and deleting the “Won’t Fix” and other confusing labels that are less relevant for an assignment repo and noticed they did not remain after the student accepted the invitation. Having these labels remain (as well as having any initially created issues also remain) is one of the most valuable additions to GitHub classroom that I can imagine. It is a very simple way to create a TODO sort of checklist for everything that needs to be done, and the “Signed” label I had wanted to use would ensure that students has seen, read, and signed certain things. I am happy to do anything I can to assist with this. After the semester has settled down I will attempt writing a command line tool to add these issues in bulk to all the repos in a given classroom (unless someone has already made that).

Thanks for the suggestion! Can you open a feature request here:

I can certainly see how populating these labels in the assignments would be useful.

@robmuh, before you write your own tool, you might want to check out Gitomator (

It has everything ready under the hood, but I will have to add the command-line script for it.
In fact, I did something similar last year, but I cleaned things up and removed some less frequently used features a couple of weeks ago, so I don’t have the specific code example handy.

Besides, it will be nice to get more people to contribute to the project.