Sub groups, with assigned teachers

so the problem we have is we have like 5 groups of 30 students, each with a separate assistant prof. but all following the same content.

The roster currently fills in with inderteminate group for students, so it’s not easy to find students that are assigned to you

Is there any way to handle this problem ?

Solution 1 : duplicate the assignment to get different invitation urls is not so pleasant.
Solution 2 : assign each student in roster a team or an integer or something, have a notion of groups you sent an invitation to, and whom you want to deal with as a group. this also helps with recurrent teaching of the same content.


We require that each submission have a containing, among other things, the school-issued email addresses of all contributors. These emails serve as a primary key to identify students, and unlike something like a class-issued unique integer, it’s something students know intuitively. Repos without a are assumed to be abandoned and are not graded, so students have an incentive to attach this information.

In your use case, it would not be hard to write a script that knows the set of email addresses assigned to each assistant professor, and separate the repos accordingly.

Ok, so maybe I wasn’t clear about what I mean.

I give the assignment link to over a hundred students, this is my class. They all get the same subject matter.

The goal of classroom is supposed to be to giv eme tools to see what the students have done, but there are several issues :

  • a) I see all the repos by all the students. all the time. It’s cluttering my github normal page like mad. I use that for research, getting activities mixed up is not so good.
  • b) I see all the repos by all the students. So does everyone teaching in the team. We should each see our assigned students basically only. Then maybe as team leader/admin, I get to see all the student repos if I want to.

This is things I’m looking for under the “Assignment” I guess, some way of managing the mass of assignments.
Also, within a Team/course, I’d like to be able to click a student and see all his submissions for any Assignment of this course.

That is actually a really important if we want to use Github to evaluate students, we need a way of looking at student profile with respect to a given Course or set of assignments.