Students start java project in class then resume at home


[spoiler]I was wondering the best workflow for students starting an assignment in my class and then going home and resuming it, then completing it so that it shows up when they come back to class.

If they use Eclipse and check in Eclipse project files, the JRE and any libraries will most likely be in a different place on their home computer.

Is there any best practices for resolving path issues?[/spoiler]
Never mind, I’ll just include the jar interally with the project.



Well, if environments are more or less similar you can only share “.project” file and let eclipse rebuild the classpath on the target environment.
But even in this case you can be stuck with some plugins not present on their eclipse.

A better practice, according to me, is to use maven as a project descriptor and then import project as maven project in their eclipse environment.
Moreover, If they prefer to use intelliJ, netBean or whatever … most of IDE support import maven project.

My answer is not really about GitHub classroom. But, I have been having the same issue for myself and my TAs. We have settled on this work flow.

  1. Create project in Eclipse locally
  2. Create repo on GitHub
  3. Develop source in Eclipse project
  4. In a Command Prompt (locally)
    4.a. go to project folder
    4.b git clone the GitHub repo to local project
    4.c git add the source files
    4.d git commit
    4.e git push

From now on, we edit source files in Eclipse, but perform all git commands (pull,add,commit,push) from the command line.

This seems to be working for us between many different Operating Systems and configuations. Only the java source and resource files are tracked. The project specific folders are not tracked.

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