Students on roster with unlinked GitHub accounts

I have a student on my roster whose GitHub account is not linked to their student ID (probably because they skipped that step when accepting their first assignment). However despite the fact that an assignment is created for them, and they appear among the members in the organization, their GitHub username does not show up in the list to pick from when I click on “Link to GitHub account”. I’m not sure how to fix this.

On GitHub classroom it looks like they never joined the org, despite having created a repo and pushed their work.

Hi @mine-cetinkaya-rundel :wave:First of all thank you for reporting this issue !

This issue may occur because of a few things :thinking:
One thing you can do to begin, is to go into your Organization on GitHub and add your students into it with their github username.

As soon as your students will accept to join your organization, their github username should appear in the Unliked Account and you’ll be able to link your students to their GitHub accounts.

Please keep me updated if it works, if not work we’ll try something else :+1:

Thank you @Kadaaran for the response.

The student is already a member of the org, and shows up among the “People” listed on the org. However they do not show up in the list of people to choose from when I try to link their account on GitHub classroom. (The only people that show up on that list are the Owners, if that matters.)

Hi @mine-cetinkaya-rundel, sorry for the delay we are actually looking into it.

Did you add all your students into you organization directly through GitHub or was it done through Classroom ?
Do you see them as members or outside collaborators ?
Also do you know if some teams for group assignments were created through GitHub instead of Classroom?

Thank you for your patience :pray:

I have a related question to this about the github classroom roster and github organization membership.

This is my first time using github classroom and I’m sure I’m doing things wrong. My issue is that I have two types of repos: homework and class_materials. I create a new repo for each class_week for the class materials, which may contain reading assignments, powerpoint, etc.

My problem is that I have students who have been linked in github/classroom/roster, but show up as outside collaborators in the This is after sending them a number of request to join my organization through github.

Is there a way in the future through github classroom you could add your entire roster as members to your organization. Or as the administrator of the organization could manually add them. The students have been successfully added show up as a team and I can add them to the weekly repos as necessary. There are still a few (5) that I have to add as contributors.

Hi @dahaynes,

When you create an assignment and send the link to your students, they are added as outside collaborators in your organization, not as people.
That’s how Classroom works.

GitHub will get the information from Classroom but for now Classroom don’t listen to events such as member_added.

If you want them as members and not outside collaborators you can do it through GitHub but keep in mind that the permissions aren’t the same. Having your students as outside_collabprators is way more secure.

Feel free if you have other questions !

I added the students via Classroom.

These students show up as Members on the course organization.

Some repos for students get created using GitHub, but I don’t quite see how this would affect things.

This hasn’t actually affected my workflow, students are still able to do the work. But I was just curious to see how it can be fixed.

Thanks for your help.

Hello @dahaynes,

I have this exact same issue where a couple of Students hit ‘skip’ and show up unlinked. Did you ever find a solution?


Not really. I think this is something github could support particularly for classroom as I really want to have all of the materials online in one place.

Solution #1: Keep your github repo private and manually add your students to your repository every time. It is a big of a headache, but I guess you could automate with an API call.

Solution #2: Make your repo public. Then you just need to provide the students the url. All of your materials are public which is a bit of a downside. I doubt there are many people using the materials though.