👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(Blow12) #165

Hi, my name is Blow, and I have just enrolled in a computer science course with the aim of learning java and python programming.

(Zhiquan Yeo) #166

Hi! ZQ here, co-coach for team #354 (G-House Pirates)!

(Thedeathbot) #167


I’m Julia, lead programmer for FRC team 997, Spartan Robotics. I’ve been with the team for 3 years. We mainly use Java for our robot, but I have some experience in Javascript, Python, and C++ as well. My favorite part of being on the team is teaching new programmers.

(Ploypiti Piyaprapan) #168

Hi! I’m a Middle School Homeschool student from Thailand, I mostly use HTML/CSS for web development, currently learning Python and Javascript :v: nice to meet you all!

(Owen) #169

Hi, I’m Owen, a programmer from FRC team 5587.

(Wilson9chen) #170

I am new student in education github.

(Colby Kusinitz) #171

My Name Is Colby Kusinitz
I am the Head programmer for FIRST TEAM 353 The POBots From Plainview, NY
Check us out at pobots.com

(Shamnur Shohan) #172

I’m Shohan From Bangladesh… like ur Field of interest

(Daydreamwarrior) #173

Hi everyone!!
I’m student of korea polytechnic university and my major is Game Engineering.
I learned c , java and open software(actually about linux) class this year, but Im totally newbie to programming:) hope to get some knowledges about programming more!

(Jimmy Nichols) #174

Hello my name is Jimmy and I am the Co-Team Leader for Lakota Robotics - FRC Team 1038!

(Rodney Guillen) #175

Hi I’m Rodney @infrony and I’m student from of UTP (Tecnology University of Panama).

(Roshan Ravi) #176


I’m Roshan Ravi, the software lead for FRC Team 4909 The Billerica Bionics from Billerica, MA.

We use Java for our robots and a couple other languages for our Green Alliance Scouting Platform

Check us out at team4909.org and github.com/FRCteam4909

(Hui Min Wu) #177


I’m Hui Min Wu, the Vice President of Software Engineering on FRC Team 694. We’re a robotics team based in New York City and use Java to program our robot. Throughout the build season, we also learn C++ and LabVIEW so we can help out at regionals!

(Jlschulz) #178

Hi I’m John, a coach/mentor on FRC Team 4292 - the Lockport PorterBots. This will be our first year trying to use GitHub. Our goal is to get a better handle on our code, and be able to share it publicly both to help other teams, and get help when we need it. We also want to empower our students to be able to access the code when/where they need it - for whenever that spark of creativity hits them.

(Owendot Code) #179


I am Owen, a member of FIRST robotics competition team 6201. I am a freshman in high school and plan to study many STEM related subjects.

(Sam) #180

Hi, I’m Sam, a student on FRC Team 1306. Currently a senior in high school and plan to study computer science in college. I can’t wait for kickoff in 3 days!!!

(Sam Aronson) #181

Hello, all.

I’m Sam, a high school senior on FIRST robotics team #3630. Very excited to be a part of this community!

(Noxeee) #182

Hey there,
I’m nox :wink:
I study Computer Science in Vienna for over a year now, in my time there I’ve learned some C++, Java and more

(Mark Lavrentyev) #183

I’m Mark, and I’m part of FRC Team 4557. I love robots, and I can’t wait for kickoff!

(Gmnielsen) #184

Hi all, just letting you know that team 5265 has been using Git for a year now, and we want to get better!

  • Dr. Nielsen, coach of Cheverus Robotics