👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(Jared Hasen-Klein) #144

Hello! My name is Jared Hasen-Klein. I’m a senior in high school at Milken Community Schools in Los Angeles, California, USA. I run hub.jaredhk.com which provides free robotics resources for FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST Robotics Competition, and VEX Robotics Competition - all hosted on Github Pages. I am also as student on FIRST Robotics Competition Team 1836: The MilkenKnights.

(Mr Gapinski) #145

Hi everyone, I am a mentor for team 4506 The PioNerds from Hill-Murray School. We are going to try to use GitHub to facilitate collaboration between our programmers this year.

(Kokogirgis) #146

hello, i’m a student in electrical and communication.engineering just interested in the GitHub education community and what can be done with it.

(Frcfastteam) #147

Hello all Fellow FIRST Robotics mentors, Studnets and Supporters. My name is Pete Eckman and I am the Head Mentor for a FRC Rookie Team 7056 The F.A.S.T. Team out of Fowlerville Michigan!

(Anurag Akkiraju) #148

Hi! I’m Anurag and I’m the lead Programmer for FRC team 2383, the Ninjineers!

check our github out!

(Haydenport) #149

Hey, im working on my masters in cs. Done a bit of python, java, c++, and a handful of other languages. Not an expert in any of them. I am one of the mentors on Team 1817. I am looking forward to a better repository experience this year.

(Ericcooley) #150

Hello! I’m Eric Cooley, mentor and coordinator of FRC team 6624, the RoboMarines! This is our second year of competition, and we’re excited to do more with our robot code development this year using GitHub.

(Juan Chong) #151

Hi there everyone! I’m Juan Chong, one of the mentors for team 2655, The Flying Platypi from Greensboro, NC! We’ve been using GitHub since 2013 and haven’t looked back! Thanks for all your support!

(Jconcienne) #152

Hello all! I’m Josh Concienne, sponsor of PAHS RoboPelicans team #5864. We have not used GitHub yet but look forward to learning more.

(Larry Tseng) #153

Hi there! I’m Larry Tseng, captain and lead programmer of Westwood Robotics (team #1757 in the FIRST Robotics Competition). We’ve been using GitHub for quite some time, and it has made our programming lives much easier!

Check out our code!

(Mr. Robby) #154

Good Morning!

I am Mr. Robby The Lead Team Mentor with Team 4480 UC-Botics
"i Play With robots" is our Catch Phrase!
And we are one of the 42 Last year that programs our FRC Robot in Python!

(Koo) #155

Hello! I am a mentor of Mechalodons Team 5877 in Corona, CA. I have been part of the FIRST program for 10 years and always excited every year!

(Jatoha) #157

Hello all! I’m JessA, head mentor of Cassopolis RoboRangers, #4325. This is our first year using GitHub, so we have a lot to learn, looking forward to it!

(Murphys Outlaws) #158

Hi! I’m Ali and I am a part of First Robotics Team 677. We are starting to use java this year and we want to see how GitHub can help us code.

(7023 Frc) #159

Hi I’m Josh and I’m a mentor on FRC team 7023!

(Brandon Nguyen) #160


My name is Brandon Nguyen and I am the captain of FRC Team 4079, a robotics team. I am a high school student working in the languages of Java, Python, C-based as well as web based scripting. I also work on server systems and cyber security networking.

(yeshi dorjee) #161

I am Yeshi and doing a B.E in IT field from India

(Cat900) #162

Hi! I’m Calin from Romania. Currently junior year Uni. Enjoying WebGL, BTC and other web technologies.

(Kevin) #163

Hi I am Kevin! I am the head coach of Team 5494 (Bizarbots Robotics)! We use JAVA!

(Jimmysalcedo) #164

Hi Jimmy Coach for Team #7051 (the RoboDons). Rookie team! Wish us luck!