👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(Pebblemonkey) #121

Hi I am Mentor Cruz from team 3352

(Kyle De Matias) #122

Hello! My name is Kyle, and I am the Director of Programming and Controls of FRC Team 973: The Greybots. I have been involved with the programming team for three years, and we started using GitHub last season. Follow us at this website for more updates: www.greybots.com

(Dan Waxman) #123

Hi everyone, I’m Dan. I’m a high school senior who’s been programming for a while now, with interests in machine learning and robotics.

(Wesley Soo-Hoo) #124

Hi! I’m Wesley, a high school senior. My main projects have been with FRC 687 (as team captain) and for my school’s senior capstone project. I program mostly in Python, but also have experience in Java, C, and web development (PHP/Django/etc)

(Josh Kupka) #128

Hello, I’m Josh Kupka from Team 2408 I specialize in Java, Python and PhP can’t wait to talk to members of the community

(Lotsandlotsofrobots) #129

Greetings from FRC Team #5858 the Golden Hurricanes in Alabama!

(Frc1002) #130

Hi, I’m Michael from FRC team 1002.

(Cyamonide) #131

Hey there, I’m Simon from FRC Team 4914, based in Toronto, Canada. I do Java, Python, and C++, but only the first two for the team.

(Hillel Coates) #132

Hello, I am from Edmonds Woodway High School. I am on our school’s robotics team, FRC 4077 MASH. I have previously worked in Java and C++. I am interested in using GitHub more often with projects, and learn more along the way.

(Chris Brooks-Prenger) #133

Hi from FRC Team #4992 from Milton, Ontario in Canada.

(Glingy) #134

Hello all, I am Gregory Ling from FTC team #7854 MidKnightMadness (The King’s Academy) based in California. For the team, I have used Java for the robot and C for concept testing. GitHub has been such a help!

(Kavyasomala) #135

Hi! My name is Kavya and I am a sophomore in high school from Virginia, USA. I am a part of the FIRST Robotics team Sparky 384!

(Zachary Seebeck) #136

Hey there! I’m a student who’s been studying computer science and programming for the past 5 years. Currently I know C# and Java. Also, really enjoying FRC.

(Abhishek Raj Ravi) #137

hi i’m abhishek raj ravi from bihar, india

(MorpheusKafka) #138

I’m Aidan Hunt from Greensboro, NC, US. I know C/C++ and I am working on learning Rust. I’m also working on learning Java for FRC, team #1533.

(Bumble B Alienware) #139

Hi, We are team BumbleB 3339 from Israel

(Nitays) #140


I’m Nitay from FRC Team 1574 MisCar from Misgav, northern Israel.
We work with LabVIEW and Java.

Greetings :slight_smile:

(Kendra) #141

Hello :slight_smile: I’m Kendra and I’m the software lead for FRC Team 5459 at Ipswich High School. View our website here

(Aidan Mundy) #142

Hey everyone, I’m the software lead for team 87 in mount holly NJ USA. Our website is rvr87.com

(Parthiv Krishna) #143

Hey everyone, I’m the programming lead for Team 3082, Chicken Bot Pie, from Minnetonka, MN, USA. Our website is team3082.com.