👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(Adi Prasetyo) #101

Hi my name is Adi Prasetyo, from Indonesia. I am interest on:

  • web development (php, javascript, nodejs)
  • automation (nodejs) phyton, not yet experienced on python. Willing to learn it but it is not my priority right now.
  • machine learning (phyton)
  • FOSS :smile:

I am active on github lately, so you can reach me personally on my github

(bobliao) #102

Hello,my name is 廖茂生.I come frome Shanghai,China,happy to get self improved with you together.My major is Mechnical Engineering.My ideal future is to work in Software company.

(PNGRU) #103

I am PNGRU. I’m from Chiba, Japan.
I know HTML, PHP and C a bit. I want to study Java, Kotlin and Python.
I’m join in the project “oops!”. This is Minecraft punishments database project.

Nice to meet you!:grinning:

(Jobayer Ahmed Mickey) #104

Hi everyone

I’m Jobayer Ahmed Mickey. I’m a Student from Department of Computer Science Engineering - Daffodil International University, Dkaka Bangladesh. For now i focused on Frontend Development, But I can write Js little bit. Check my Github Profile.

Nice to meet you all :blush:
– Jobayer Ahmed Mickey

(A S M Humaun Kabir) #105

Hi Everybody,
I’m Humaun Kabir a CS student from Bangladesh. A tech enthusiast, problem solver and humaun being. I’m learning software engineering paradigms. Turning real problem’s solution into code. Learning and practicing how to learn. Thank you!

(Sambhav Jain) #106

I am Sambhav Jain, a second year Student Programmer currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science Major from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies in Delhi, IN. I mostly code in C/C++ and Java. I’m currently learning Golang and Kotlin for myself.

I teach my juniors C and C++ with frequent demonstrations of Git/GitHub. Been teaching since last four months.

Just eager to know about you all!

(Penguins4u10) #107

Hello, my name is David. I know some programming languages like html, css and a little visual basic. :slight_smile:

(Penguins4u10) #108

Nice to meet you, I am from Canada. Are you from India?

(Souhardya Sardar) #109

Hello I am Souhardya Sardar … I am from India and I am a high school student (15 yo) currently pursuing computer science :slight_smile:

I currently develop in several languages including :- Python / Ruby / Golang / Bash / C++
I have a keen interest in penetration testing and malware development

My Github Username :- github.com/Souhardya
Facebook :- http://facebook.com/SouhardyaSardar.py

(Sambhav Jain) #110

yep :smile:

(Sudhansu) #111

Hello, I’m Sudhansu, a high school student from India.

(Laura Lizzy5114) #112

Hi, my name’s Laura. I’m a student a senior in a high school in Michigan, USA. I recently got into a robotics team and am learning Command-Based Programming.

(Luo Z2) #113

Hello, I am a student at Foshan University. I mainly use IoT, Python, and various web technologies.

(Sahil Khan) #114

I am Sahil Khan from LNCTS BHopal. My github handle is @codesahil . I am just anormal computer guy. I am an information Security Enthusiast and i am also working up with various open source communities like Mozilla and Fedora and would love to contribute to Github now.

(Jeff Hutchison) #115

Hi, I’m Jeff, and I mentor the FRC programming team for Stryke Force 2767. You can follow us at our engineering blog here: https://strykeforce.github.io

(Katiemclead) #116

Hi, I’m Katie McLead, and I help out the Positronic Panthers 486! The students use Github for version control of their code, and they are awesome programmers!

(Tonny Garić) #117

Hi all! :wave:

I am Tonny, from Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I started coding in January 2017. Currently, I am working full-time as a Junior Software Engineer and part-time studying Information and Computer Science (BSc).

I am also blogging my TIL’s (Today I Learned) and other tech-related stuff on tonnygaric.com :memo:

(Jjennay) #118

Hi! I am a student involved in FIRST Robotics Team: MidKnight Madness #7854. I am the business operations administrator. Other members of our robotics team work on hardware and software to construct and program the robot.

(Devin Keeney) #119

Hi! I’m Devin and I got involved with coding through my FIRST Robotics Competition team, I now program with Xojo and Python in my free time to make a whole bunch of (mainly FIRST) things!

(Meg Wenzinger) #120

Hi I’m Meg! I’m a mentor on FRC 900 The Zebracorns. We’ve been using GitHub since 2012 (2011?) and absolutely LOVE it. We use it for not just managing code but also use ZenHub to manage all of the tasks that need to get done! Its great having everything in one spot!