👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(Bestony) #81

Hi There,

I am Bestony , A Student and A PHP developer. I also do some frontend work.

If you have some question about Laravel , PHP ,VueJS , you can find me at GitHub.com/Bestony

(David your friend) #82

Heyyo! I am David, your friend. I’ve become increasingly interested in learning to code. I enjoy playing PC games often.

Lately I’ve been looking into running a NodeJS app on my DigitalOcean Droplet.

(Cole Erickson) #83


I’m Cole, I’m currently a student, I work in web development (mostly JS, front and back), and I also enjoy playing PC games often.

(Xiaoqing) #84

Hi I’m Rachel from Shanghai, I love open source and always eager to know new technologies, also hope to meet cool IT people here.

(Tanishka porwal) #85

Hii , I am Tanishka Porwal from department of computer science engineering. I code in java and c++ and interested in machine learning and AI.

(William Arevalo) #86

Hello, I am Will from Colombia I am student of Universidad de Cundinamarca, Systems enginner, i like developing in python, ruby, and JS

(jack chip) #87

hi i’m jack Hi, I am a student from Chinese, at the age of 15 I hope to learn together, and here we help each other, I hope you can teach me something, maybe my English is not very good, hope you can help me correct my mistakes

(Mauricio Anto) #88

Hy, my name is Mauricio as you can see. I’m new in this community and I want learn more about GitHub, I’m joining with you in this journey becouse I belive that I can learn more about programming language and open source. Fristily I like so much the way you have received me so tenderly. I am a university student only, with little knowledge because in my country the study in technology is precocious, I do not know much but I hope I can learn from you and start contributing according to what I can. For the time being it’s all from my introdutory part, I’m African and I live in Angola.

(Wanedenis) #89

hi guys, am Denis Wane from Cameroon. i am a Android developper. i want to learn more in the mobile developpement.
This program of GitHub is very great. i hope that i will get more friends and patner here.

(Abhishek Jaisingh) #90

Hello fellow students! I’m Abhishek Jaisingh. I am currently studying at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee My GitHub handle is abhishekjiitr I live in India :sunny: My interests include gadgets :robot:, and reading :books:

(Wanedenis) #91

cool, nice to meet you too.

(Cairnifex) #92

Hi!, I’m Renzo Yu from De La Salle University, College of Engineering in the Philippines.

(Ouabdoul) #93

Hello! I am Abdoul. I am a student in Oregon USA…

(P Sai Tharun) #94

hello…I am from INDIA…my name V T Tharun sai

(Luminous It) #95

Hello everyone, I’m a student at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology.

i am mainly a Java/Android Developer. You can find me on github @LuminousIT

(Ahmed Reza) #96

Hi am Ahmed Reza am a computer science student from India, i mainly work with Ruby on Rails, right now am working a really big project code name WW, any body intrested can ping me up.

(Claire Cecil) #97


I’m Claire, and I’m a student at George Mason University, majoring in computer science. Lately, I’ve been working on a color picker that will eventually be able to mix colors and generate different kinds of color schemes. I mainly program in Python, Java, or Go.

(Solar Eclipz) #98

Hello all!

I am Nick, I am a new student at STI (Southeast Tech Institute). I am going for Computer Programming which entails Java,C#, HTML,CSS, XML, SQL, JavaScript, ASP.NET, PHP, Advanced object oriented programming, advanced databases, networking, OS fundamentals, while working both in the frontend and backend just to name a few. :grin:

I was previously interested in working for Cisco, however, things did not pan out due to the frustration of hardware catching on fire. I already have some experience with C# as well as being fluid with HTML before start school. :smile:

(Nganhkhoa) #99

Greetings, I am a second-year student of Back Khoa University, Vietnam. My plan for the future is to do cryptography and web security. Have a good day everyone, nice to meet you.

(Vincent Villaluna) #100

Hi, I’m Vincent Villaluna from the Philippines, college student as a Bachelor of Science and Information Technology not quite good in any other staff aside from programming :slight_smile:

Not to good in English ehehe :wink: