👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(Vihaari Varma) #61

Hello World. .I am a Under-Grad Student from India, Electronics by Course but CS by Heart.

I Work on Android Most of the time, and a little web-dev when required.

Wordpress hacks, Linux Shell are some add-on Skills

(Aravind Babu07) #62

Hey Everyone!!! This is Aravind Babu from India…I am CS Under-Grad in Bangalore.
My area of interest is web development…

(杨涛) #63

Hello! I’m a college student from China. My name is yang tao. I like using GitHub very much. I think GitHub is great. Student Developer Pack is now being applied. I will study with GitHub and improve myself. Thank you.

(Kobus Kruger) #64

Hello everyone!

I’m a highschool student from South Africa. I’m currently in my last year of highschool and I plan on studying Information and Communications Sciences next year. I’m excited in becoming part of this community! :smile:

(2 Xl) #65

Hi, I’m
Cheng student of URV Spain currently learning chineese in Hangzhou China
topics of interest are distributed systems, AI, computer security and chineese. :smiley:

greeting everyone,

(2 Xl) #66

Hi, 平民 :watermelon:

(Fatih TOPUZ) #67

Hello everyone! I’m an animation student at Faculty of Fine Arts @ Dumlupınar University in Turkey but also a beginner web developer.

Currently owning and maintaining an unofficial Blizzard (Entertainment) fan site named Blizzard Türk.

(Batuhan) #68

Hello i am Batuhan, i am a computer science student, anyone here learning ruby on rails or already learned we can build something together i am working on a project you can join me if you know ruby on rails or any idea what is MVC. https://www.linkedin.com/in/batuhansahan/

(Eduardo Zavaleta León ) #69

Hola ,
Mi nombre es Eduardo Zavaleta Leon , vivo en Perú, no estudio en la mejor universidad , ni soy el mejor programador de mi clase , pero siento que estoy en un momento de aprendizaje , he terminado uno que otro proyecto, hace un día descubrí github Education Community y esto es grandioso , creo que no se nace con el talento de ser un genio en programación , sino que se aprende con horas de practica , estoy dispuesto aprender para luego enseñar, desde ya todos estan en el buen camino de cambiar el Mundo con la tecnologia.
Saludos !

(Dennis Nderitu) #70

I’m an optimistic ,ambitious person who really enjoys programming and web development

(Antra Tripathi) #71

Hello Everyone !!
I am Antra Tripathi from India.
I am currently pursuing B.tech in Computer Science from NIIT University.
I have keen interest in coding and I am looking forward to learn new things through this collaborative platform.

(Gianfelix Goenawan) #72

Salam Hangat dari Indonesia!
oops, translating…
Warm Greetings from Indonesia!

Hi! I am Gianfelix Goenawan, currently a high school student :smile:
I am so excited in joining this community.
Looking forward for a collaborative learning together in many programming languages!

Do comment my reply so we can know each other further :thumbsup:


(Gianfelix Goenawan) #73

Hi Kobuskruger! Same here, also a highscool student! I hope we can learn together in this collaborative platform :smile:

(Bishwajit ) #74

Hello Everyone

My Name is Bishwajit.I am a student of Computer Science && Engineering at BRAC University,Bangladesh.

Happy Coding!

(Lakshman Basnet) #75

Hello all!
I am Lakshman Basnet from kathmandu, Nepal. I am a student of Computer Science.

(Andre van Tonder) #76

Hi, my name is Andre.

I love open source, Github , Python, Chess and basketball :basketball:.

I am intending on studying computer science at UNI.
Right now I am making web sites/apps, making games, and just coding away.

Would love it if anyone could tell me of great tutorials, websites and educational stuff to help me learn more coding.

(Steven Copeland) #77

@DrevanTonder for a website to help you learn coding I would recommend Codecademy. This website taught me how to do almost anything, from client side javascript, to server side Python. Send me the link to your profile if you get started!

(Andre van Tonder) #78

I have already done some tutorials on there and learnt a lot.
Have to agree it is a great place to learn.

(Wangxinshuo426) #79

Hello everyone!
I come from China.
I want to meet more outstanding developers here.

(Gabriel Dos Santos) #80

Hi There!!!

I’m Gabriel D.S… Studying and learning a litte bit of everything (i like it). I’m graduating Computer Science at Unit - Universidade Tiradentes… In love with GitHub and Open Source :cupid:

So… It just this! Thank u very much and… Let It Go :snowflake::microphone: