👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(Kerry Okpere) #392

Hi, i’m kerry a cs student from Nigeria learning to code for the web frontend first

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(Surendra kumar) #393

hello all :wink:
i am surendra from IIIT , india…
i am a first year guy in computer science and engineering…
i wanna become a linux supportive guy…

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(Shubham Upreti) #394

Hello everyone, I am a student of ADGITM engineering college.
I am basically coding in Python and C++ and I am also interested in Machine Learning and
algorithmic research.

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(Mathews Nyirongo) #395

Hey everyone, I am so excited to finally get here. Learning something new everyday is something I enjoy. I am a fourth year Computer Systems Engineering student at the University of Zambia. My current obsession is Machine Learning and Data Science. I look forward to an amazing experience full of fan and learning. #LoveToCode

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(dnorhoj) #396

Hi, i’m so happy to finally be accepted after 3 tries. I’m glad to be a part of this community!

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(Mohammed Ijas) #397

Hello Everyone,
I am Mohammed Ijas, a Computer Science and Engineering Student from Ilahia college of Engineering & Technology Muvattupuzha Kerala India. I am also a freelance Graphic and Web Designer. Also I am the co-founder and current head of peer to peer learning Department Association Club called code box. Currently I also serve as the IEEE Student Branch Chair at our college.

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(ylink) #398

Hello everyone. My name is Li Fengshi. I am a student from Anhui University. Have interest in CPP, network currently.

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(Zen Lox Or) #399

This site Is strange, i’m nota very good at using It

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(Azorji Kelechi Oliver) #400

Hello everyone, am a student from Port Harcourt Polytechnic, I use mainly javascript for web and mobile development.

(Digvijaysing) #401

I am from india.
my name is Digvijaysing ,i am in first year of my enginnering college in Pune.

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(Shashankhs3) #402

I am an Electronics and communication Engineering student studying in NMAM Institute of Technology ,Karnataka,India.
Intrested in Software development,Problem solving with c,c++.And I am into android app development.

Thank you!

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( Camel Djoulako) #403

Hello am Camel Djoulako, computer Science student at the University of Dschang, Cameroon: Bachelor degree. am passionate about softWare engineering and i like contribuate to open source and profits project. my github handle is: cameldjoulako
you can folloW my github profile: https://github.com/cameldjoulako

( Camel Djoulako) #404

I Want to collabore With all of you.

(Nikhil karkra) #405

Hi everyone,

Nice to meet you all.

My name is Nikhil karkra and I am from Australia.

I am new student who just started learning Programming.

Hoping to learn from you all.


(VEGETA) #406

Hello , I am student at taibah university ,nice to meet you all :smiley: .

(Md. Shakib Hassan) #407

Hello guys ,
This is shakib . I am a student of computer science and engineering at Daffodil International University . I am now using php and js for my development skill . Nice to meet you all !

(Abser·Ari) #408

Hello everyone!

Currently, I’m an Indonesian student learning CS bachelor degree at NCEPU University.

I’m a self-taught graphic designer and programmer

Nice to meet you all! Hope we can collaborate and keep in touch! :slight_smile:

My other hobbies is learning new things! :smiley:

Contact me through my mail or my GitHub profile page! :wave:

Hope we can be friends and talk more about any topics you interest about.

(Willie Johnson) #409

Hello everyone. I’m a full-stack developer, designer, and indie who goes to Make School Product College. Looking forward to working and learning with y’all!

(Sahil) #410

Hi all,

I am Sahil Bansal, 3rd year B.Tech Student in Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Jammu.

I am a competitive programmer, well-versed with C++ programming language. I like solving algorithmic challenges. I am also a budding software developer.

(Severus Peng) #411

Hi, guys! I am a student from Anhui University, China. I enjoy the programming and also researching in Deep learning (computer vision).