👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(xiaoerlageid) #21

I‘ glad to listen to you experiences in using github. I’m new here .Actually I don’t know how to use it now.

(mohammed saifuddin) #22

i am mohammed saifuddin. just recently i made this account.
hope i enjoy learning a lot in this. … and i am Christ University, banglore, pursuing computer science course.
and i have coding skills in c language still in nascent stage.

(ECH2O) #23

:slight_smile:I am student and coder and phper and javaer and jser.

(Patxzeed) #24

Hello, nice to meet you all.
I’m Pattie I’m studying information technology at Chiang Rai vocational college, Thailand.

(Dyhun) #25

Hello, I am from Arad and I’m studying Informatics. I’m glad that github education exist and i’m interested in the open source community.

(Jan Krüger) #26

Hello there,

my name ist Jan. I’m from Karlsruhe, southern Germany.

I’m studying electrical engineering in my last semester - Writing my thesis at the moment.

I’m very thankful for Github Education and the Educational pack. I’m using Githubs private repositories to be able to keep track of my progress of both, my thesis and my thesis project.

I’d love to opensource the programs created alongside the thesis, but that’s still up to the company I work for at the moment.

I probably am not using the Student Developer Packas intended (Teaching Programming using Github and Githubs automation), though I find it very helpful to have all the tools available at the tip of my finger. I’m learning so much by just browsing through the documentation of TravisCI or the Unreal Engine.

Let’s make Github great again! (A little provocative, I know … :wink: )

(♚ Sudo ツ) #27


Hi, I am Badar

I lived in Pakistan.
Story about me!

Actually I live in a town. My college is not famous and well known as other famous cities colleges and universities. But I have internet it’s mean I have the world in my lap.
I play on GitHub everyday. This is my username badarshahzad.
I have uploaded much source code for other to get some help. I teach almost every week 1 or 2 student about GitHub.
I am student but can I also get Swag Bad as I wanna increase GitHub community. Now I have 15 friends who use Github and I teach them.

O I forget to tell you my interest. I like net surfing :computer:, :soccer:. Finding new stuff and tools for programming.

(Scott Sanicki) #28

Unfortunately, only teachers are currently eligible for the GitHub Education Swag Bag offer, but you can ask your teacher to request one, or purchase some GitHub stickers yourself from the GitHub Shop.

(Nathan Robinson) #29


I am Nathan Robinson from Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I am a junior in High School, and really want to do computer science in college.

I am a huge fan of GitHub and Particle, and I am a regular member of the Particle Community Forum, where I help new users become comfortable with Particle. I love creating projects with my Photons and Electron.

I program in C++, Bash, JavaScript and Python, and I like making websites in HTML/CSS.

I also try to give back to the community, and I have done so by creating po-util, a tool written in bash that provides users with a unique local workflow for developing projects using Particle hardware and tools. Po-util is hosted on GitHub, along with the documentational webpage.

I recently learned how to create Homebrew packages, and I have made a version of po-util for macOS that can be installed with Homebrew. To install it, one would simply run:

$ brew tap nrobinson2000/po
$ brew install po
$ po install

I got my Student Developer Pack during the first semester last year and I have been enjoying the benefits since. I check the page every once in a while to see what new tools have been added. One question, does the Student Developer Pack continue after I finish High School and I am in College?

(Muh.Isfahani Ghiyath.YM) #30

Hallo, Nice to meet you!
My Name is Muh Isfahani Ghiyath, I am a student at Institute of Technology Nurul Fikri (Informatics Engineering). I mainly use Java for Android Development, PHP for Backend (I’m familiar use laravel framework), and I’m UI/UX Designer. :slight_smile:

(Steve Ebenezer Paul) #31

Hello, I’m from Karnataka, India and I’m a student studying computer science. I use Go and C mainly.

(Jake Johnson) #32

Hi! I’m from Corning, NY currently studying Web Design, Game Design and Computer Science (and chemistry for some reason). I use HTML/CSS mainly, but plan on learning more java, php, c#, and more. I us GitHub Education to help develop a student run podcast called HawkTalk. It’s simple, easy, and we’d love contributors, see our repo here

(Snow) #33

Hello, I am Snow. I am student and I am interested in developing AI project. I am in Toronto.

(Luferequi) #34

Hi, everyone! This is Luis from Mexico, I’m currently learning software development and I thought Github would be a great source to learn. I’m part of Universidad Galileo, located in Guatemala. You can find me on the web under @luferequi.

(Iduoad) #35

I’m Mohammed From the National School of applied science in Morocco,I’m new here !
I sharing some programming basics exercices in a repo (the solutions are implemented in C++) :wink:

(Chris Cannon) #36

Hello all! I’m Chris from @NCAndTCS. I’m a TA in the computer science department and am working hard to help integrate GitHub Classroom into our second level programming class. I mainly work in java and c#.

(Maxim Vorchakov) #37

Hello! I’m Max for Kiev Ukraine. I’m a first year student in software engineering department at National Aviation University (Kiev, Ukraine). I want to become a member of GitHub Community.

(Ouc16020021031) #38


(Peter Dave Hello) #39

@ouc16020021031 同學您好~

我是 GitHub Campus Expert - Peter,歡迎你的加入,如果您有興趣一起學習 GitHub 和 Git 的使用,這邊有中文版的 GitHub Git Cheat Sheet 可以給您參考

如果您有興趣的話,我們很樂意寄送一些學習小冊還有我們的貼紙等小禮物過去給您以及班上的同學,希望可以讓更多人認識 Git 這套工具,未來在進行各類專案開發的時候也能因此有更好的開發流程以及效率!

對了,因為我們整個討論區目前都還是以英文為主,如果您不介意的話,希望能邀請您在此使用英文和大家一起討論,如此一來可以有更多來自其他地方的同學、老師們可以一同跟您討論、分享,我的英文程度也不是很好,我們可以一起學習,別害羞,但如果您不方便使用英文的話也沒關係,還是歡迎您一同加入 :slight_smile:

Hi @ouc16020021031, I’m Peter, one of the GitHub Campus Experts :sunglasses: , nice to meet you here, just let you know that we have GitHub Git Cheat Sheet :book: in Chinese: https://services.github.com/on-demand/downloads/zh_CN/github-git-cheat-sheet/, and we’ll be happy to send you and your classmates some swags :gift: , so that you can learn the tech and tool with more fun, what do you think? :wink:

No offense but I’ll like to respectfully invite you to use English to communicate here as this forum is mostly English speaking right now, writing your posts in English would help get responses quicker and help the community engage with the discussion, my English is not good at all, so no need to be shine or afraid, but if you aren’t confident in English, that’s fine, you’re still very welcome :slight_smile:


(Ouc16020021031) #40

I’m happy for your welcome and I would happy if you send me some swags.