👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(Zephur) #370


My name is Cory. I am a student at Academy of Art University in San Franciso. I am majoring in Web Design.
as of today 12 Feb my website is under Construction but it is www.bckdsgn.com
currently learning js and js libraries

@zephur , github

(Krešimir Marić) #371

Hello everybody!

My name is Kreso, I live in Dublin, Ireland. I am studying web development online at OpenClassrooms.
Currently spending most of my time learning JavaScript and working on projects for school.
My goal is to find a job as a web developer and to continue to learn.

You can find me on these socials:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kresimir-maric/
GitHub: https://github.com/designwebbuild

Happy learning! :open_book: :computer:

(Jesiel Viana) #372

I’m a Master’s student in Software Engineering at Cesar School, Recife - Br.

(Andrew Chan) #373

Hi! My name’s Andrew Chan and I’m from Virginia Tech majoring in Computer Science and graduating in 22’.

(Muntaha Islam) #374

:wave: Hello world!

I’m Muntaha Islam, a student of Computer Science and Engineering department at BRAC University which is situated in a small country of South Asia named Bangladesh. :bangladesh:

I can refer myself as a beginner. When I’m writing this, I know Basics of C, C++, C#, A bit higher than basics in Java, and a newcomer in Kotlin. I used to do competitive programming. Though, because of lack of time, I can’t do that anymore. I don’t know what I want to be. I need some lead, so I joined here, to explore various fields of CS and figure out the perfect way for me.

I really appreciate GitHub Education, for letting me having that cool things in Students Pack, no one ever has gifted me with something more expensive TBH. I would really appreciate if someone tells me what should I do and learn to me something good as a programmer (Like, what projects should I start with if I want to be a software developer or tester. Or, what should I do if I want to be a faculty).

Thank you. Have an Octotastic day! :cat:

(Kartikay Shandil ) #375

Hello Everyone,

I am Kartikay Shandil from India doing a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology.

(Hari Om987) #376

Hello I am hariom dwivedi from local high school in our area

(Hari Om987) #377

In which university are you in?


Hello I’m salahuddin student of IBIT. I am professional working web developmnet.

(Bruno Cangussu) #379

Hello! I’m a student on Computer Science from Brazil, current in the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, nice to meet you all. I work with full stack Javascript development, both for mobile and web applications

(Nirmal Kumar Joshi) #380

Hello all, I am Nirmal Kumar Joshi from India.