👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(Christoper De) #350

Hi…this Tonmoy from Silchar,Assam.I am a first year undergraduate in the department of electronics and communication engineering at National Institute of Technology,Silchar. I am a Machine learning and Deep learning and Neural Networks enthusiast.I am skilled in C++,C,python and looking for a small hands on project based in deep learning and neural networks & Machine learning.

(Lakshay Sagar Rana) #351

Hey Everyone,
I am a third year Computer Science and Engineering student and an aspiring Full Stack Engineer with Machine Learning in my toolkit.
Oh I like drawing too , I would really like to show you my incomplete sketches (many) :stuck_out_tongue:
See ya!

(Jaskeerat Singh Sarin) #352

Hi, I am Jaskeerat. I am 15 years old and am very passionate about Artificial Intelligence. I love building beautiful mathematical simulations in Javascript and Python. I build AI models in Python and Javascript for easy use in projects. Excited to be here💖

(Ann) #353

Hi everyone! I’m Ann, 22 y.o. and I’m currently a Computer Science B.Sc. student at the Technical University of Berlin. Before I started studying in October 2018, I already gained six years of work experience as a, at first, front end, and later on full stack developer. I feel most comfortable coding in Golang, Python, C, Rust or JavaScript as those are the languages I pay my rent with, but have already made experiences with many more languages (such as Erlang, Julia or Swift). I am a linguistics and programming language theory nerd and I have a soft spot for natural language processing things & art.

Happy coding :sparkles:

(Sachin235) #354

Hi I am Sachin, 2nd year Computer Science B. Tech. student from India. I aim to contribute actively to open source. I have interest in Web Development and Machine Learning.

Hope to have a great time here! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Gabriel Gardin) #355

Hello, I am a chemistry student at State university of Londrina(Brasil) working with chemical instrumentation. My major programming language is Python.

(Satya Pati) #356

Hello everyone, This is Satya Pati from centurion university, Bhubaneswar, India. I am a full stack web developer and an android developer. I mostly code with Java, JavaScript, and Python .

(Aaron Victor) #357

Hi my name is Aaron Victor from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, I’m glad to meet you all. I support the open source dream and currently learning JavaScript Frameworks Vue.js and React. Hope to pick up skills in Django this year tho.

(Harshavardhan Surisetty) #358

Hello everyone!!

I am a student at Indian Institute of Information Technology Vadodara. I am a tech guy and love to code.

(Restuhaqza (Haq)) #359

Hello guys,
my name is Restu. I am student of Bachelor of Information Systems at AMIKOM University in Indonesian. I am interested in Database Systems and Back-end Development,

Thanks and cheers…

(Magic Traveller) #360

Hey,I’m Chinese student.I hope my English level and programming ability can be improved.

(Egor Kharatyan) #361

Hello there, name is Egor and currently enrolled in University of Pretoria (South Africa) for Computer Science degree.

(Lucas Duete) #362

Hello, my name is Lucas Duete, my github is @lucasduete and i study in IFPB Campus Cajazeiras in Deegree in Information Systems

(Harsh) #363

hii i am Harsh from India i am an deep learning enthusiast who likes to turn neural networks into bunches of lines to code , i love to compete with myself everyday to get my code better every second

(Jagadeesh Kotra) #364

hell-o everyone!

(Xenoslyce) #365

Hey there! I’m Xenoslyce, and I’m currently learning Python as preparation for my future career.

(Akash Ali) #366

I am Akash Ali and I am from Pakistan. I am planning to introduce Github version control system in the university.

Warm Regards
Akash Ali

(Kidus M.Tekeste) #367

Hi Everyone! I am Kidus Mamuye Tekeste from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 5th year Software Engineering student in Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. I am so happy to meet Y’all. I am crazy about Android would be glad to share my experience with anyone who is interested!

(Taylor Mount) #368

Hello everyone!

I am in my early 20’s and a CIS student at DeVry University headed for a bachelors in software programming. This is my first year and I am still very early into studies. I have enjoyed the fundamentals of coding for many years. Started out with basics such as simple websites with HTML and CSS (I think I was 12 or 13 at the time of discovery) and have now over the years dove into programming languages and back-end features. Hope to learn a lot both here and at school and I am excited to be a part of this community!

(Amrita Chaturvedi) #369

Hello everyone!

I am Amrita from India, I am currently doing my Bachelors in Engineering. I have mainly worked on project involving mobile application development. I am looking forward to explore other domains as well as to improve in mine.
Also to make some open source contributions, hope that turns out good. :slight_smile: