👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(Photodaniel) #329

Hi everyone,

It’s exciting to be part of GitHub! The reason for me joining is that I want to learn more about how software can support photography work. I believe that there are a lot of new possibilities to enhance photography related workflows. In addition, I believe that photography can contribute greatly to virtual reality and augmented reality with photogrammetry and similar image capturing and processing methods.

As for me, I live in Cologne, Germany. I enjoy being outdoors just as much as diving into tech related topics. As of today my coding experience evolves around HTML and CSS. Areas of interest in terms of coding relate to API and “machine learning”.

Best regards,

(Rafhael Marsigli) #330

Hello guys! I’m a student from São Paulo, Brazil. I love front-end but I’m hard studying some back-end languages. I’m very happy to be part of this channel! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:

(Silent Sage) #331

Hi guys!

Student from Brussels Belgium, studying Computer Science there in my first year. I mainly want to delve into software engineering and possibly 3d development as I’ve always been interested in creating my own (small) game.

(Ivan Sakal) #332

Hello, my name is Ivan and I am from Croatia. I am 16 and I am an intern at web development company. I am very familiar with c# and python but i want to add c++ to my arsenal .

(Longt16) #333

Hello everyone. My name is Long, I am from Vietnam and I am learning cyber security At saigontech institute of technology, so if u have any documents which u think is good for my major, Please send me, because I am just learning and have no idea where to start. Hope I can received many helps from all friends and I also wanna say “have a good day”

(Nguyen Tho Tuan) #334

Hi everyone. I come from VietNam. I’m studying in University of Science Ho Chi Minh City.

(Shreevari SP) #335

Hi, I study computer science in India. I plan to contribute to open source communities. I code in Rust, C++ and Python.

(Sinon Jzh) #336


I’m Sinon. A student from NJUPT.

I like coding as well as i like anime. :slight_smile:

Hope I can learn more at this community!

(Rakshit Malhotra) #338

Hi guys. I am rakshit. I am currently a computer science student and work in both machine learning and web development. I would love to learn more through github community

(Kunal Kumar Shrivastava) #339

Hey everyone ,this is Kunal Kumar Shrivastava here, BE(IT) student from Jabalpur.

(Big Buddha) #340

Hello everyone. My name is OldBigBuddha.
I’m Japanese student, but I study in Finland now.
I love Kotlin and Nodejs.
And I can use also Pug/Stylus(of course HTML5/CSS3), JS(more than ES6) and Java.
I often make Applications of Android.
Nice to see you!

(Shuai W.) #341

Hi gays,
My name is Melody. I am from China. I am currently a master student in Northeastern University. I am in California now.
Welcome to ping me at linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shuaiwang-melody/ or my personal github: https://github.com/melodybabee.
Be glad to be here!

(Swarnim Arun) #342

Hi there guys. My name is Swarnim. I study at ASET in Noida.
I love programming as a whole. Favourite languages Rust, Go and JS.
I love working on projects involving Maths and Science.
My current fancy is Computer Graphics and Game Engines.

I also like to do graphic design btw…

Glad to be here.

(Hkbu Sean Tyh) #343

Hi y’all, i m Sean from Malaysia. i’m currently in Hong Kong, a year 1 student at HKBU, planning to major in Comp Science :slight_smile: . i’m hope to learn how to code and get practical experience working on actual projects. i m starting off learning python at coursera with the UoM python specialization Python for Everybody.

(Madeline Milagros) #344

Hi Everyone,

I’m Madeline, I currently live in Toronto but will be moving to DC in the fall. I am a student at Champlain College in the Software Development Bachelor’s Degree program on track to graduate May 2019. I look forward to learning with all of you. :slight_smile:

(John) #345

Hello everyone. Im John, from Slovenia 22y, studying electrical engineering.

(Abdullah Nasir) #346

I am a computer science student graduating this year in September from University of engineering and technology, Lahore. I am very much support of open source development. Its community is really awesome :100:. Well, my love is only for WordPress, C++, and Python. Right now I am working on MATLab for my final year project.
Nice to meet you all.
Abdullah Nasir

(Frat98) #347

hi everyone.
I m fırat. I am an aeronautical engineering student at Erciyes university . I want to learn python for machine learning and AI . I believe Aeronautical science will improve with AI so I want to improve my software skills.

(Talon Bragg) #348

Hi, I am a student at Sonoma Valley High School. I learned programming on my own, and plan to get a software engineering degree in college. I mainly like to program in nodejs, but I do also like to program in python.

(Jae) #349

Hi. I am learning how to code. If there is any one that I can cooperate with, that will be great!