👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(robin deceuninck) #306

I’m Robin and i’m studying a graduate degree in programming in belgium.

(Maximdl) #307

I’m Maxim form Belgium and I’m studying programming in Bruges! Have a nice day :smiley:

(Despriet Gilles) #308

The name is Gilles, but everyone calls me Bob, I study to become a programmer and later on an ethical hacker. If you need any help with IT, Hit me up!

(Samuel Sette) #309

My name is Samuel.
I’m studying for a graduate degree in programming at Howest, Belgium.

(Zwe Mun Htun) #310

i am studying Bachelor of Computer Science in University of Computer Studies Yangon, Myanmar.Also work as a freelance mobile developer.
Nice to meet you guys.

(Vrerref) #311


My name is Stef and I study graduate at Howest Bruges in Belgium.
We focus on programming. Front-end design with HTML, CSS, JS, …
And for back-end we use ASP.NET.
We will also program in Unity and with SignalR, … .

After my graduate, I would like to work as an Full-stack developer

(Lucas Costa Oliveira) #312

Hello , my name is Lucas , I am a Full Stack Software Developer at IBM + Santander.

(Jose E Calderon) #313

Hello… I ama TA at the University of Puerto Rico. Will like to have all students maintain the code in a repository with a source control since code are done in groups of 4 students. Any suggestions?

(Janidu Jayasanka) #314

Hello everyone , I am a student of sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka & I’m following Computing and Information Systems Degree. Just interested in the GitHub education community and what can be done with it. I am mainly interesting java programming , web designing and also I hope to develop my c# & android skills too,

(sagar chinchorkar) #315

Hii there @robmuh my self Sagar I am from india currently a engineering student and also a Web developer currently working with backend using node.js ane express.js

(Mfonobong Umondia David) #316

Hi everyone,

Nice to meet you all.

My name is Mfonobong Umondia and I am from Nigeria.

I am new student who just started learning front end web development.

Hoping to learn from you all.
Thanks :hugs:

(莫一多) #317

Hi, guys.

My name is Samir. I’m a Chinese. I worked as a iOS developer, but other knowledge of computer also attracts me.

I’m here to learn all prior people from the world.

(PythoShark(#techno utopian)) #318

Hey my name is ishaan I have a community that works in open source I would like to request if github could provide some swags for my community as I am helping them and motivating them to use it regularly and contribute

(Rob Muhlestein) #319

Hey there, the student developer pack comes with a bunch of stuff. You would probably email directly as well. They sent us a big box some time ago. Schools get it for free. https://education.github.com/pack

(PythoShark(#techno utopian)) #320

Where can I mail directly for the students pack ?

(Wall-E) #321

Hi, I’m Walter an I’m from Peru, I’m studying telecomunications enginnering but I love programming, and I would to learn more to share with my community.

Thanks, happy coding! :smiley:

(Psykodamaniac) #322

Good Vibes, everyone. You can call me pickle if my tag is hard to twist your tongue around :metal:t5:
So I didn’t go to school for coding (unless you start counting now). In fact, next fall I’ll be going returning to school as a business major. But that’s neither here nor there.
Quite frankly, I’m FN clueless as to this. But I learn quick, I’m a waiter, and I actually enjoy working under high-stress contitions. I’d rather read than watchTV, I have ADHD, insomnia apparently, and I can observe a given issue/topic/whatever and remain unbiased. Or at least I’ve been told that a few times.
And even though I can’t code(yet), I can still test stuff, so let’s do this thing guys!

(Rohit Ashiwal) #323

Hello Everyone!
I’m Rohit Ashiwal (@r1walz), a Computer Science and Engineering student at Indian Institue of Technology Roorkee, India. I am willing to learn more about GitHub and become a campus expert one day!
Happy coding! :smile:

(S M Mahmudul Hasan) #324

Hello everyone!
I am S M Mahmudul Hasan from Bangladesh (a beautiful small country beside of India, I am sure you heard of it, if not just google the beauty of bangladesh or follow this link https://www.google.com/search?q=the+beauty+of+bangladesh).
I am an undergraduate student, studying Software Engineering at American International University-Bangladesh(AIUB).
You can follow me on GitHub,

Regards :slight_smile:

(Bill Darnell Sr.) #325

Well hello everyone, my name is Bill . I just started these classes. Happy Holidays to all. I hope everyone enjoys themselves during the holidays to come and may you all be safe.