👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(Samuel Sette) #309

My name is Samuel.
I’m studying for a graduate degree in programming at Howest, Belgium.

(Zwe Mun Htun) #310

i am studying Bachelor of Computer Science in University of Computer Studies Yangon, Myanmar.Also work as a freelance mobile developer.
Nice to meet you guys.

(Vrerref) #311


My name is Stef and I study graduate at Howest Bruges in Belgium.
We focus on programming. Front-end design with HTML, CSS, JS, …
And for back-end we use ASP.NET.
We will also program in Unity and with SignalR, … .

After my graduate, I would like to work as an Full-stack developer

(Lucas Costa Oliveira) #312

Hello , my name is Lucas , I am a Full Stack Software Developer at IBM + Santander.

(Jose E Calderon) #313

Hello… I ama TA at the University of Puerto Rico. Will like to have all students maintain the code in a repository with a source control since code are done in groups of 4 students. Any suggestions?

(Janidu Jayasanka) #314

Hello everyone , I am a student of sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka & I’m following Computing and Information Systems Degree. Just interested in the GitHub education community and what can be done with it. I am mainly interesting java programming , web designing and also I hope to develop my c# & android skills too,

(sagar chinchorkar) #315

Hii there @robmuh my self Sagar I am from india currently a engineering student and also a Web developer currently working with backend using node.js ane express.js

(Mfonobong Umondia David) #316

Hi everyone,

Nice to meet you all.

My name is Mfonobong Umondia and I am from Nigeria.

I am new student who just started learning front end web development.

Hoping to learn from you all.
Thanks :hugs:

(莫一多) #317

Hi, guys.

My name is Samir. I’m a Chinese. I worked as a iOS developer, but other knowledge of computer also attracts me.

I’m here to learn all prior people from the world.

(PythoShark(#techno utopian)) #318

Hey my name is ishaan I have a community that works in open source I would like to request if github could provide some swags for my community as I am helping them and motivating them to use it regularly and contribute

(Rob Muhlestein) #319

Hey there, the student developer pack comes with a bunch of stuff. You would probably email directly as well. They sent us a big box some time ago. Schools get it for free. https://education.github.com/pack

(PythoShark(#techno utopian)) #320

Where can I mail directly for the students pack ?

(Wall-E) #321

Hi, I’m Walter an I’m from Peru, I’m studying telecomunications enginnering but I love programming, and I would to learn more to share with my community.

Thanks, happy coding! :smiley:

(Psykodamaniac) #322

Good Vibes, everyone. You can call me pickle if my tag is hard to twist your tongue around :metal:t5:
So I didn’t go to school for coding (unless you start counting now). In fact, next fall I’ll be going returning to school as a business major. But that’s neither here nor there.
Quite frankly, I’m FN clueless as to this. But I learn quick, I’m a waiter, and I actually enjoy working under high-stress contitions. I’d rather read than watchTV, I have ADHD, insomnia apparently, and I can observe a given issue/topic/whatever and remain unbiased. Or at least I’ve been told that a few times.
And even though I can’t code(yet), I can still test stuff, so let’s do this thing guys!

(Rohit Ashiwal) #323

Hello Everyone!
I’m Rohit Ashiwal (@r1walz), a Computer Science and Engineering student at Indian Institue of Technology Roorkee, India. I am willing to learn more about GitHub and become a campus expert one day!
Happy coding! :smile:

(S M Mahmudul Hasan) #324

Hello everyone!
I am S M Mahmudul Hasan from Bangladesh (a beautiful small country beside of India, I am sure you heard of it, if not just google the beauty of bangladesh or follow this link https://www.google.com/search?q=the+beauty+of+bangladesh).
I am an undergraduate student, studying Software Engineering at American International University-Bangladesh(AIUB).
You can follow me on GitHub,

Regards :slight_smile:

(Bill Darnell Sr.) #325

Well hello everyone, my name is Bill . I just started these classes. Happy Holidays to all. I hope everyone enjoys themselves during the holidays to come and may you all be safe.

(Furkan Ozdemir) #326

Hello everyone! I’m Furkan and I’m from Turkey. I started to software at twelve years old and I moved to San Francisco at two month ago. I going to language school and I am doing internship at a startup.

I’m so happy to be here! Thank you!

(Bhanu Pratap Singh Kushwah) #327

Hey Everyone!

My name is Bhanu and I’m just starting second year of my Software Engineering studies at Shri Vaishnav Institute of Technology in India. Previously I used to work as a part time freelancer since I was 16 year old.

I’m very into web technologies and love design beautiful UI’s and business.

Love what Github started doing for students and so much effort they are putting into it.

(Furiousfalcons) #328

Hello GitHub community! Thanks for powering our team!