👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(Sourav Das) #286

Hi,I’m Sourav from India currently pursuing my bachelor of science degree.I’m an android developer and interested in ai,machine learning and huge opensource enthusiast :v:

(Osusara Kammalawatta) #287

Hi, I’m Osusara. I’m from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I 'm an undergraduate in Information Systems at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.

(Samuel DIDIER-LAURENT) #288

Hi!, I’m a front-end developer student at Cepegra in Brussels :belgium: .
Nice to meet you …

(Shubham Srivastava) #289

Hi everyone! I’m Shubham Srivastava from India a Senior Year graduate student in Computer Science and Engineering. I love to code for Android and learning to use GitHub. Recently I have earned an Android Basics Nanodegree Scholarship from Google on Udacity.
You can find me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/shubham-srivastava-414524139/

(Alexandre Rousseau) #290


I am a mentor from team 3990 tech for kids in Quebec Canada.

Don’t hesitate to follow our team page @team3990

(Ejiga Peter @ Eaglex) #291

Hi Am Ejiga Peter (Ejigson) from Nigeria. I program with many languages and i love the github idea.
thanks for having me.

(Gökhan Özeloğlu) #292

Hey ! I am studying Computer Science at Hacettepe University. My favorite languages are Python and Java. I love competitive programming. I also use GitHub almost every day.

(Abdullahi Abdulkabir) #293

Hy my name is Abdullahi Abdulkabir. I am a student of university of lagos (UNILAG), Nigeria. I am a web developer(php & mysql, css, js, html, bootstrap), java, python. I teach github to my students, friends and classmates. Really love to be a campus ambassador

(Fadhiil Rachman) #294

Hi everyone,

I’m a student a Mercu Buana University, Indonesia, studying Bachelor of Computer Science. I am mainly a back-end person and like python and JavaScript, and currently learning Flutter and C#. I hope we’ll be friends :smiley:

(Patrick Martini) #295

I’m Patrick, I’m a Computer Engineering student at Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil.
I’m interesting in computing applied to medical things, and know a little bit of Java, C/C++, JS and Angular.

(Dhia Kennouche ) #296

Hello everyone! This is Dhia, a computer engineer at Ege University, Turkey. A github user and an open source enthusiastic since my very early days in programming. Looking forward to get in touch with all of you! Happy learning!

(Bryce Simmons) #297

I’m a student/mentor for FRC team 4537, the RoboRoos.

(Kamakshi18) #298

Hi this is kamakshi from belgium studying final module of graduate programming

(Jaron Vermeersch) #299

Hi I’m Jaron and I’m form belgium. I study graduate programming and I’m in my last semester.

(Laura Verheyde) #300

Hello. Laura from Belgium here. Studying a graduate degree programming. Pleasure to meet you all.

(M.Bostelaar) #301

Hello all,

I’m Marcel and i’m a student from Holland.
I’ve chosen to follow the courses in Belgium because the costs of the courses are way cheaper than in Holland.

And very important…the college is located close to my home. Now i’m driving 40 minutes to go to school and in Holland i would have to drive about 120 minutes to go the closest school there.

Good luck all with your exams/projects/life :sunglasses:

(Gmonb) #302

Hello, I’m Gregory. I follow a 1,5 year graduate programming course. I only have 4 months to go and I’m very eager to start working as a developer.

(Axellehillewaere) #303

Hi all! I’m Axelle, living in Belgium. Currently I’m studying the graduate degree programming.

(Magali) #304

Hi everyone!
I’m Magali and I’m studying a graduate programming course in Bruges, Belgium.

(Abdelghani M) #305

Hello, I am a student, mainly in the .net technology