👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(Golden Gollem) #265

Greetings from team #2509 - Hutchinson Tigerbots. I am the lead programmer for the Tigerbots and look forward to using GitHub to stream line our process.

(Geekbx) #266

hi,I’am from Foshan University.Nice to meet you!

(Rgeroe) #267

Hello, I am Richard and I have an amazing freshman programmer that I want to get plugged into GitHub.

(Bala Hantsi) #268

Hello everyone,
My name is Hamza Danjaji Yakubu, popularly known as Bala Hatsi. I am currently a student of computer science at Bayero University, Kano in Nigeria. I have a strong passion in web development.

(Bobbye Bethel) #269

Hello. I’m a student interested in programming and I have just started learning HTML and CSS.

(Şeyma Nur Mutlu) #270

Hi everyone!
I’m Şeyma and a computer engineering student from Türkiye. I’m here to connect more with fellow programmers, etc., and learn from them. I love programming and also I’m interested in Arduino. I love open source and this is my GitHub https://github.com/seymanurmutlu (I have c examples too much and also I’m gonna add java examples and what i will learn) . I want to study and learn all together.
Pleased to meet you all.

(Bala Hantsi) #271

Glad to have you here!

(BlankFace) #272

Hello, I’m from the UK, doing CS as an A-Level

(ここ) #273

My name is FengShuo(冯硕)
I’m a student from No.2 Middle School of Licheng, Jinan City of Shandong Province.
I use ruby, c++ and a little CL.

My twitter account is @vonhyou.(Although I don’t use it often)

My email is v@franxx.moe, you can connect me in this way. qwq

(Brookeharshbarger) #274

:wave: Hello everyone!
My name is Brooke! I want to become a web developer and thought this would be a great place to expand on what I’m learning in my daily classes!
:computer: :laughing:
P. S.
I absolutely love coding so far!

(Jeff Ussing) #275

Hello, my name is Jeff Ussing. I’m a grad student at Western Governors University studying Data Analytics.

Have a great day,

(Dipak Parmar) #276

Hi! I’m University Student from Canada, i like to learn new technology and languages.

(Shahnewaz Ahmed) #277

Hi, I am Shahnewaz Ahmed. I am from Bangladesh. I’ve Completed my B. Sc. in the department of Computer Science and Engineering.

(MasterKN) #278

Hello everyone I am Nitin Kumar from New Delhi,India. I am a front end web developer and learning backend development using python.I am pursing my B.tech in CS from GGSIPU.

(Limonen Hase) #279

Hello World, Hello Github,
Im from Germany and Im new to this. I tested some scripts in Lua but thats it. I hope to learn more about programming :wink:

(Hyu103) #280

Hello my name is Eric. I study Computer Engineering. I came to GitHub to gain more experience in programming outside of school.

(Saurav Jaiswal) #281

Hey I am Saurav Jaiswal , I am a software developer

(练涛) #282

I’m chinese. Please allow me to introduce myself in Chinese.

这是我的邮箱: xanwidtf@foxmail.com


(Prathamesh More) #283

I am Prathamesh More. I am an engineering student at Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. I’m eager to learn, proactive, meticulous and I love nothing more than working with people, building amazing software and solving technical problems. My major areas of interest are Web Development, Android Development, Open Source, Data Structure and Algorithms.

(Sharad Chitlangia) #285

Hi, I’m Sharad, a first year student BITS Pilani, India. Highly interested in Data Sciences. Looking forward to master Git!