👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(candy_man) #245

I am Paul Upendo. I am a student at Multimedia University, Kenya and a software developer at Andela. I’m in love with the Github student pack, enjoying every bit of it. I’m looking forward to interacting with most of you and learning from all of you.

Looking forward to good times.

(Titus Ng) #246

Hello, I’m Titus Ng. 15 years old. I’m a student from Diocesan Boys’ School in Hong Kong (a special region of China where democracy exist to some degree until 2047 :frowning: ). I have some experience in competitive programming and static websites (https://titusngiscoding.github.io).

I hope I can interact with students all round the world and learn programming together here. So… feel free to come to me (girls are esp. welcome :wink: jk )

P.S. I know Java, C++, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript to some extent

(Kreshnik Hasanaj) #247

Hello everyone,

I am Kreshnik. I am from Kosovo and currently own a development agency.

I am here to learn how to teach git, so I can assist my colleagues while they learn how to use it.

(Fred Westling) #248

Hi! I’m Fred, lead mentor for FRC Team 6836, from beautiful Sydney, Australia

(Luigi Menale) #249

Hello everyone,

I am Luigi. I am from Naples and currently employee in Munich.
I am here to learn how to teach git, so I can assist my colleagues while they learn how to use it.

(Soumyapinjala) #250

hello!!I’m Soumya from India.I’m learning python and am familiar with c.I’m completely new to open source.Can I get help from you guys?

(Soumyapinjala) #251

hey!I’m Soumya.I am also an engineering student of cse.I’m learning python too.I’m trying to contribute to github,but I’m completely new.Do u have any interest in contributing to github?which r u from?
don’t mind that I’m asking too many questions

(Ridhogillang) #252

Hello! my name is Ridho Fiesta. im a Computer science student from on of private university in Indonesia. Right now im developing my waste management apps. its a progressive web app! thank you everyone!

(Team3055) #253

Hey everyone. Connor Williams here, ongoing learner of C++ and Java for First Robotics team 3055. We have been using c++ for a long time and just switched to Java this year.

(Masha L) #254

Hi everyone!

I’m Masha and I am new to GitHub. Sophomore in Mount Holyoke College, MA, Neuroscience/CS double major. Would love to chat!

(Zhanar) #255

Hello there! My name’s Zhanar and I’m from Kazakhstan. I’m here to learn how to use GitHub. I use Javascript, Python, and learning Java languages. Here’s my profile https://github.com/zhanarkaliyeva . And site about myself aboutzhanar.tk

(Sabriemorales1995) #256

Hello, My name is Sabrie! I’m familiar with C++, Java, HTML and CSS. Im still improving in those where I can. Now I’m trying to get familiar with GitHub so I’ll appreciate any pointers!!!

(Amrit Pandey) #257

Hey there! My name is Amrit and I am from India. I came across GitHub Education while surfing the web.

I am currently pursuing my Bachelors of Engineering in Civil Engineering, but I love technology more than static mechanics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With GitHub Education I am looking forward to connect to more developer buddies who are learning with me and to learn awesome tools that developer use today to create great apps and services.

(Iriswei333) #258

Hi there!
I am Iris, a student at the University of Washington in the states. I was crashed on cryptocurrency market and I want to build some really cool project to automate this process. If you are interested in this idea. Feel free to contact me!

(Vamshi krishna) #259

Hi. I am young developer with a community . I code in JavaScript , java, python ,rust . I built some projects on web development and android development. I am presently learning data mining with python.

(Smaboticsmaster) #260

I am a FIRST Robotics Competition Mentor with FIRST Team 5493! Our team is learning robotics and works in java to write our code. We are out of Englewood, Colorado. We are an all girls student team!

(Madhavi Sankholkar) #261

Hi, I am learning Full Stack JavaScript and looking for work from home jobs! I will like to be able to contribute to a open source project by end of this year. It will be great to learn how a beginner can get started on that.

(Bikash Thapa) #262

Hello , I am Bikash From Nepal. I am Computer Science Student. i am Full Stack Web Developer. I like Machine learning and Artificial intelligence as well.

(Anaidrun) #263

Hi, my name is Nurdiana Jamal from Sabah, Malaysia. Third year student for Network and System at Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Just call me Dany. Nice to meet you all. :smiley:

(Pavan Hegde) #264

Hey! i’m Pavan and i’m studying 3rd year of computer science in Bangalore, India.