👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(Bryce Stansfield) #225

Hey, I’m just a random pure maths student at The University Of Queensland.

(Undefined Identifier) #226

Hello, I am Baran and I am Head of Mechatronics and Programming of Team #6985 Enkatech, an FRC team from Turkey. Our team consists of 21 students from 3 schools. We had a really good time and had a lot of experiences in Turkish Off-Season and we can’t wait to head to NYC for the NYC Regional!

(Money) #227

Hello, I’m a high school and I’m the lead programmer for frc team 2556

(Gianluca Recchia) #228

Hello, I’m an italian university student attending a degree course in Computer Science who’s been into coding since the age of 12. I’m very passionate for web development and I’d like to become very good at it. I’m pretty passionate for Web Development and I’m quite into it, nonetheless I like more Desktop Programming and language such as Java and C#.
I’m pretty curious to know how the Github Education Community works since I like Github a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Esqatomsmashers7287mentor) #229


I am a first year mentor for First Robotics Team 7287 from Victoria, B.C.

Our team name is Esquimalt Atom Smashers

We will be competing in the regional competition at Save-On-Foods Memorial Arena in Victoria from March 14-16, 2018

Our team has not used Github in prior years. We look forward to being more disciplined in code management.

We will be using Java (would prefer Python but that is not an option)
We are looking forward to learning and exploring as we build our first robot.

Tina O’Keeffe
Team 7287 Mentor

(Tariqul Islam) #230

hello, guys,

I’m Tariqul Islam. from Gazipur, Bangladesh.

I’m studying in International University of Business Agriculture & Technology

I’m kinda lost in this github student community :disappointed_relieved:

how can i start learning ?

(Tariqul Islam) #231

Good Luck, Mate.

(Matthew Piercey) #232

Howdy! My name’s Matthew Piercey, and I’m a student from Springwater Township, Ontario (probably the only owner of a 3D Printer in a 20km radius at least)

I’m a member (actually I’m the captain this year) of JavaWockies Robotics, an itty-bitty FRC Team from rural Ontario. We’re eight students but among us are some super-talented students and some super-dedicated mentors, so we get things done quite well thank you. (Made it to the 2017 FRC World Championships in our rookie year!)

I’m a BCS (Bachelor of Computer Science) hopeful; just submitted an application to the University of Waterloo (wish me luck!)

Anyway, just wanted to introduce me and the team. My GitHub username is @hyperionlevelq and the JavaWockies website is https://javawockies.ml if you guys wanna take a look.

(Dhruval) #233

Hello community ,

I am Dhruval Shah .I am leading CodeChef community to my university .Can anyone please tell me that how can I get sponsorship of GitHub for Hackathon hosted by our universiry ?

(Yufei Wang) #234

Hello . I am Yufei Wang, a Computer science and engineering student from China.

(Nicholas Hubbard) #235

Hey guys, I’m Nicholas Hubbard.
I am the lead programmer for Team 1701 (Robocubs) from Detroit, MI.

(Frc Team7272) #236

Hey, talking on the behalf of our FRC Programming team. How are you guys and gals feeling?

(afnan saleh) #237

hello every one iam afnan from iraq

(Masahito Okubo 'Mozy') #238

Hi everyone! みなさん、こんにちは!:sunglasses:
I’m MozyOk. from Tokyo Japan!
I know PHP and C#, Rails, Ionic … and more.
Understand the English, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese.:laughing:

Nice to meet you!

(Melissa Sorrells) #239

Hello! I’m Melissa, a student from Baton Rouge, LA. I’m really excited to be here!:sunglasses:

(Kyle W) #240

I’m the head programmer for Titanium Robotics (FRC Team 1160), located in San Marino, California.

(Jordan Powers) #241

Hello, I’m Jordan. I’m a student in Long Beach, California, and the lead programmer of FRC team 4999

(Tmacisaac65) #242

Hi I’m Tom, Coach and Mentor for team 4625. We are in Fort McMurray Alberta Canada.

(Super Trout) #243

@sanicki Hi! I’m a student from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary, and I just want to learn how to code. Thought the student pack was pretty cool too!

(Thodoris Katsoulakos) #244

hi my name is Thodoris Katsoulakos 19yearsold i live in greece,athens and i’m prograduate student in the department of informatics&telematics in university of athens
my native language is Greek but i speak English very good too (i suppose :stuck_out_tongue: )
this is my first steps of github community and i have very curiosity to learn how all this stuff works
I know a few things of #C language,logic gates,descrete mathematics and i want to learn python in my university
i prefer to learn about network,optical fiber,mikrotik routers(i dont know how it works but i have one in my house :stuck_out_tongue: ) but i iam open to new challenges
another dream is to become a teacher in another country or to take my postgraduate in another country(i dont know what it will be :slight_smile: )