👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(Sithija Dasun Gunasinghe) #185

Hi! I’m Dasun, the captain of team 4330 (Rambunction), and we’ve been using Github to host our projects for 4 years now! We use Java, Kotlin, C++, and Python. We’re excited to use Github and teach our new members how to use it as well.

(Declan Freeman-Gleason) #186

Hi! I’m Declan and I’m a student on FRC team 4915 (Spartronics). We’ve been using Git and Github for our entire existence (5 years now.) I’m excited to teach new members how to use Git, and I’m even more excited to see so many FRC teams here!

(Wazzaps) #187

Hi! I’m David and I’m an FRC alumni and mentor of FRC Team 1573 (Kfar Galim), I have used Git myself last year with the team but I was the only programmer, this year I’m planning on teaching Git(hub) to the team!

(Rohinisharma) #188

Hi! I’m a high school student. I mainly code in Java and python.

(Ransom14) #189

Hello everyone!

My name is Ransom (from C.S. Lewis for those bookworms out there) and I’m the programming captain for FRC Team 4215, the Trinity Tritons! Trinity School at River Ridge is a small, Christian private school in Eagan, Minnesota, and we have a great and close-knit team of both genders and many backgrounds. We code in Java primarily, with some Python and Matlab experience amongst us. Github revolutionized our coding last year, when before we had been struggling with communications among our programmers and sharing flash drives. After my predecessor implemented Github we’ve had all the teething pains of merge conflicts and the like, as I’m sure you all know :slight_smile: Now we have reached a point where we can help other teams get started and get their footing.

Well, that’s about there is to our ~20 person FRC Team, so good luck to you all and have fun this year!
Ransom Schmidt

(Davis Carlson) #190

Hey everybody, I am Davis. I’m the Team Captain and Lead Programmer for FRC 6351!

We are a team from a high school in Calgary, Canada and this will be our second year.

(Deepak Kumar00) #191

Hello @robmuh
This is Deepak here I am an engineering student of computer science. I love learning new things and currenty I am learning python.

(Katharine Lundblad) #192

Hi everyone,

My name is Katharine Lundblad, and I am part of the FIRST Robotics Team 1294 Top Gun from Sammamish Washington! We are currently gearing up to start our 2018 season, FIRST Power Up. Our team consists of high school students from grades 9-12 and we write our code in Java. Hope to learning and engaging with you all.

(Leo Marlin) #193

Hi, friends:

I am liao malin, I am 27 years old. I like coding. new to github, love all of you. 

I like taking photograph, thank you.

(Carson Seese) #194

Hey! My name is Carson Seese, I am the software development lead and student coach of FRC Team Biohazard 4050 located in South-central Pennsylvania! We are getting ready to roll with the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition game: FIRST Power Up! We are a team of high-school students with a range of skill-sets, ready to use GitHub as the backbone for our collaboration.

(Btkirk18) #195

Hi, I’m Brandon a student from Team RUSH 27. This is my 4th year in FRC and I’m excited for the new season.

(Dhyey Bhavsar) #196

Hey guys! My name is Dhyey Bhavsar and I’m the Head of Robot Design for my FIRST robotics team; Team 4308: Absolute Robotics. We’re located in Mississauga, ON Canada. We are a team of high-school students with a range of skill-sets, ready to use GitHub as the backbone of our robot’s code. We’re getting ready for this year’s competition, FIRST Power Up.

(Rishit Vora) #197

Hello everyone! I’m an undergrad IT student from India. I’m here to explore GitHub education community and learn from it.

(Eric) #198

Hi, I’m Eric of Fondy Fire team 2194. We operate out of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

(Stu Kernstock) #199

Hi! I’m Stuart from Rise of the Warrior Bots Team 5603. We’re from Auburn, Michigan. We’re all excited for this year’s game and we can’t wait to compete!

(Edwardsq) #200

Hey everyone! I’m a mechanical designer and hobbyist programmer on FRC Team 1155!

(Shaun Keys) #201

Hello! I am a software engineer on FRC team 4418!

(Kemal Ficici) #202

I’m team captain of pumaTECH 6543! We’re a team of 20 students with a passion in robotics and engineering. We’re looking forward to participating in the community!

(Jacobvs) #203

Hi Everyone,
I’m a student attending The Athenian School and a programmer for FRC Team 852. I’m mostly interested in machine learning and like to program in python.

(Will English) #204

Hey I’m Will from team 6468 :slight_smile: