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(Peter Dave Hello) #39

@ouc16020021031 同學您好~

我是 GitHub Campus Expert - Peter,歡迎你的加入,如果您有興趣一起學習 GitHub 和 Git 的使用,這邊有中文版的 GitHub Git Cheat Sheet 可以給您參考

如果您有興趣的話,我們很樂意寄送一些學習小冊還有我們的貼紙等小禮物過去給您以及班上的同學,希望可以讓更多人認識 Git 這套工具,未來在進行各類專案開發的時候也能因此有更好的開發流程以及效率!

對了,因為我們整個討論區目前都還是以英文為主,如果您不介意的話,希望能邀請您在此使用英文和大家一起討論,如此一來可以有更多來自其他地方的同學、老師們可以一同跟您討論、分享,我的英文程度也不是很好,我們可以一起學習,別害羞,但如果您不方便使用英文的話也沒關係,還是歡迎您一同加入 :slight_smile:

Hi @ouc16020021031, I’m Peter, one of the GitHub Campus Experts :sunglasses: , nice to meet you here, just let you know that we have GitHub Git Cheat Sheet :book: in Chinese: https://services.github.com/on-demand/downloads/zh_CN/github-git-cheat-sheet/, and we’ll be happy to send you and your classmates some swags :gift: , so that you can learn the tech and tool with more fun, what do you think? :wink:

No offense but I’ll like to respectfully invite you to use English to communicate here as this forum is mostly English speaking right now, writing your posts in English would help get responses quicker and help the community engage with the discussion, my English is not good at all, so no need to be shine or afraid, but if you aren’t confident in English, that’s fine, you’re still very welcome :slight_smile:


(Ouc16020021031) #40

I’m happy for your welcome and I would happy if you send me some swags.

(Ouc16020021031) #41

I would like to improve my poor English and happy for your invitation.If I
have time,I would try to communicate there with others in English and
welcome others correct my English.

Peter Dave Hello github@discoursemail.com于2017年3月16日 周四 19:05写道:

(Bit&ACG) #42

hello i am a student 。Major in cloud computing

(Scott Sanicki) #43

Hi @ouc16020021031,

Please have your teacher apply for the GitHub Education Swag Bag by following the steps in this post:


(Srikavi) #44

Hi, I’m Sri, a beginner learning to program with Python :slight_smile:

Get a swag bag for your FIRST Robotics team 🤖
(Wut Hmone Hnin Hlaing) #45

Hi everyone,

Nice to meet you all.

My name is Wut Hmone and I am from Myanmar.

I am new student who just started learning data science and machine learning.

Hoping to learn from you all.


(Eduardo Herrera) #46

Hello from Panama i know c/c++

(Mohamed Ramadan Yakoup) #47

Hi Guys, I’m a student at faculty of commerce and business administration Helwan University in Egypt.
I interested in Software engineering and coding in “C, C#” also love what GitHub started doing for students.

(Steven Copeland) #48

Hello I am student learning on CodeCademy

Me and @Goredbirds(Not on Community) are making a game together

looking forward to learning! :slight_smile:

(Jarn0x) #49

Hey! I’m a student at Ghent University. I’m interested in compilers, OS development and AI. I’m curious to find out all about this community!

(Nardsqq) #50

Hello guys, I’m Nards from the Philippines. Currently in my third year studying information technology.

(ItsPugle) #51

Hey, guys!

My name’s Tim (or ItsPugle on GitHub), and I’m a High School student in Southern Australia. Only this year, I’ve had the opportunity to take up Information Technology as an elective subject at my institution. We’ve just completed a term of front-end web development through HTML and CSS (and a tiny, tiny bit of JavaScript that was optional). Next, we’re moving on to Gamemaker Studios then ending off with Python (I think that’s what is used for Pis?).

I’ve been trying to get my institute to move to using GitHub Classroom rather than using a school FTP server, as it seems that not only does our FTP server like to break, but also because using Git seems to be the way of the future for coding-related careers.

See you around!
ItsPugle :smiley:

I’m also an avid fan of Octocat

(Chris Cannon) #52

Welcome @ItsPugle! I finally was able to convince my CS department to use GitHub this year. I can’t imagine why your school would stick to maintaining it’s own FTP Server when tools like GitHub Classroom exist! Just keep bringing it up to everyone you can until someone catches on! Definitely refer them here, and let them know they can get free private repositories so that student’s can’t easily share their work.

After completing my first internship and exclusively using git for source control, I realized it was an invaluable skill that our program was lacking. Now it’s deployed in one class with more on the way! Keep working at it! Your classmates will benefit greatly from your effort!

Let me know if you have any questions


(ItsPugle) #53

Thanks Chris for the warm welcome! I’ll be definitely trying to push GitHub Classroom (which I previously didn’t know existed) for our IT classes. I’ve already gotten a few of the more STEM-minded friends who already use GitHub to get the Student Developer Pack.

It’s really wonderful that you’ve been able to integrate git into the class, and hopefully, it’ll be deployed into many more streams. :slight_smile:

(Austin Carter) #54

Hello. I’m completing my third year of attendance at West Virginia State University for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I’m here to connect more with fellow programmers, etc., and to learn from them. A Bachelor program is very wide and dynamic, and spends very short amounts of time covering any given topic; I want to have a jump on structuring my knowledge and skill-sets before obtaining my degree, so I’ll be ready to tackle career-obstacles right away. I hope Github and its users will aide in my hopes of doing so.

(iftekharul islam) #55

Hello Everyone, I am iftekhar joy. I am currently studying in cs and i am in third year. I love programming and fitness. I am a dreamer. I believe in free education and knowledge sharing.I am open minded. I am not a religious person and i don’t like racist. I love github education pack.I love to talk and help.

(ItsPugle) #56

Welcome to the GitHub Education Community! It’s great that you’ve gained a mindset of free and accessible education, as well as knowledge sharing - A very interesting mindset that reminds me of the wikiHow Mission Statement.

(Clemarjon Laguardia) #57

Hello fellow Githubs,

I’m Clem. Currently, I am a student in St. Peter’s College (Iligan). I am only the left computer science student enrolled in this semester. Too sad because no one interested in programming anymore. They don’t love logic and computing. But anyway, I was highly interested in this course thats why I enrolled. I am happy to be in this community.

(Rakesh Ranjan) #58

Hey!, I’m Rakesh, a sophomore undergraduate in computer science and engineering.I am very passionate about building stuff that other people can use.I believe in free education.I am a noob in this Github community and I would like to contribute to open source. I know C/C++,HTML/CSS.Curious to collaborate with you all guys.