👋 Students! Introduce yourself here

(Rob Muhlestein) #1

Students are our main users and getting to know them is not only awesome but informational. Are you a student? (Yes, I know we all are, but you know what I mean.) Don’t be afraid. Introduce yourself!

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(Timothy Laskoski) #2

Hello, I am a student at SkilStak Coding Arts. I mainly use Golang, Python, and various web technologies.

(Mark Muchane) #3

Hello, I am a student a SkilStak Coding Arts, @robmuh runs it. Just interested in the GitHub education community and what can be done with it. I am mainly a back-end/ devOps person and mainly use shell, python and go. My dad runs the IT department at Wake Forest University

(Scott Sanicki) #4

(Shamil K Muhammed) #5


I am Shamil. I am from Kerala, India. Studying in 9th standard in a local school.

(Marek Dlugos) #6

Hello everybody!

My name is Marek and I’m just starting second year of my Software Engineering studies at Czech Technical University in Prague. Previously I used to work as a part time freelancer since I was 13 year old.

Year ago I’ve created small kickass resume www.hostmeinca.com which was #1 at Y Combinator Hacker News and had 30k visitors in one night! Thanks to that I was able to do internship in Hawaii in 2015 and at Shopify this year! Perfect experience.

I’m very into web technologies and love intersection of programming, design and business.

Love what Github started doing for students and so much effort they are putting into it.

Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email!

(Cole Vahey) #7

Hello everyone. My name is Cole and I am currently a student at Skilstak Coding Arts in Cornelius, NC. I am also a Teacher’s Assistant at Skilstak where I help teach younger students fundamentals in Python, Web, and Golang.

(Gautam krishna.R) #8

Hello guys, I am Gautam krishna R, a Computer science and engineering student from India.
You can view my Github profile @ http://github.com/gautamkrishnar
I am a DuckDuckGo community leader and a Microsoft student partner. I like evangelizing about the open source software. I had also contributed to several open source projects, you can see more details about my contributions on my github profile.

To know more about me. visit http://gautamkrishnar.com/

Special thanks to GitHub for opening a new forum for students and educators…

(Fábio Santos) #9


I’m a Master’s student in Computer Engineering - Mobile Computing, at Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal.

You can find me @ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ffsantos92

(Irawatikadarsih) #10

hello, i’m a student. just interested in the GitHub education community and what can be done with it.

(Afif Hendrawan) #11

Hi, I’m a student from Department of Electrical Engineering - Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Indonesia. For now I focused on machine learning, but I can write java little bit. Check my github profile page.

(Panayiotis Mangafas) #12

Hey, I’m Panayiotis, i’m from Cyprus and I go to Saint George’s High School. Mainly Program in Python. If anyone(especially girls :wink:) want to chat and talk about coding, that would be perfect as there are not that many student programmers that i can chat with.

(Augustus Yuan) #13

Hey everyone I’m a recent graduate from University of Washington in Informatics and currently work as a Software Engineer at Evernote and speak on a podcast called Frontend Happy Hour (all technical levels welcome to listen). I’m pretty passionate about education and may even pursue teaching as a future career but just wanted to get involved in the community so that we can see Github or open source version control used a lot more in the classroom.

I’ve had a couple of classes that have used Github so I’m keen on sharing my experiences in using it.

(1Conan) #14


I’m a High school student from Philippines :smiley:
I code in PHP, C++, and a bit of golang. I also do HTML/CSS/Javascript.

(hemnath mouli) #15


I am studying Bachelor of Computer Science in A.M. Jain college meenambakkam. Even I am student I am doing freelancing project with Client. I know HTML, CSS, jQuery, WordPress, WooCommerce and currently learning Android.

Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:

  • Hemmy

(VanderChen) #16

I am studying Bachelor of Software Engineering in Xi’an Jiaotong University, China.
I’m interesting in Network Security. And know Java,C/C++,Python,JS.

Nice to meet you !

-Vander Chen

(Rahul Bhatia) #17

Hello all! I am a senior Computer Science student and one of the teaching assistant of Computer Science from RLA College,University of Delhi, New Delhi, India. I want to teach my fellow junior students about GitHub and its awesome open source community that will help them to contribute in the open source world on GitHub.

(Enes) #18

Hello , I am a student at Sakarya Universty Faculty Of Computer Science. I’m working on Web projects with MVC.

(xiaoerlageid) #19

Hello all! I am a Computer Science student I’m from China. I’ very pleased to exchange ideas in computer and other field with different countries friends. I 'm new here. I want to contribute my to open source community. But now ,I don’t now how to do it. could your teach me ? Thank you!!!

(xiaoerlageid) #20

nice to meet you . i’m from Chongqing University. haha~