Students have problems with Classroom repos in GitHub Desktop

Another issue regarding student repos. I previously mentioned the problem of empty repositories when they clone and the workaround I use.

Now I have a problem where they can’t see their tasks that I set them in GitHub Classroom in GitHub Desktop anymore (only in the GitHub web interface). They used to be able to. I first thought it might be an issue with our firewall, which can play up, but my university’s support says it works for them so they won’t/can’t help.

First students got authentication failed messages even though their usernames and passwords were correct.

Later some got API error messages.

Does anyone here have experience with this? These are business students using R for statistics, if possible I want to use GitHub Desktop as they aren’t used to the command line - plus it used to work for them…

Regarding the authentication failed messages, I’ve run into that with my students. Due to our network configuration, all computers at my school appear to be coming from the same IP address. If one student doesn’t know their password and guesses several times, GitHub appears to block future login attempts for a period of time. As a result, no other student, even those who know their password, can log in.

Not sure about the API rate limit. Maybe that will be address once students are logged in?

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Thank you. This makes sense. In the past my Uni (around 25000 students) shared just a handful of IP addresses, I guess all my students used the same address and one of them tried the wrong password too often.
I’m glad to know what caused it :sunglasses:, but of course this doesn’t help preventing it from happening again in the future :confused:.

Did you find a workaround / solution to the students repos not being listed and endless authentication loop. I seem to be encountering the same issue and am yet to figure what is going wrong. Only seems to happen on some computers and only for some students. Issue also only occurs when students login to machines with a student id which will have limited permissions vs. staff login where I am unable to replicate issue.

To add to this discussion with a potential workaround to the login issues described above, I’ve found on multiuser accounts a previously logged in users credentials are not always properly removed so the next user gets stuck in an authentication loop in github desktop. This results in no repo’s being listed and students unable to clone.

The fix I’ve found is for students to go File > Options > Sign Out. The sign in again, but instead of using the Github desktop sign in popup window, to click sign in via the browser.

This seems to kick Github desktop back into gear again.