Students getting "something went wrong" when accepting assignments

We have been using Github Classroom since November 2020. This worked fine, until recently, students have been complaining that they are not able to accept assignments. When following the link they get the following error:

You accepted the assignment, assignment10 but something went wrong. We have not received any updates for this assignment. You may want to reaccept the assignment.

We were able to reproduce this issue when trying to accept the assignment ourselves.

On closer inspection, the repository assignment10-teamA does get created, however, the students do not get access to it, and the teams do not show up as having accepted in the assignment. When re-accepting the assignment, they get the same error, and further repositories assignment10-teamA-1, assignment10-teamA-2, etc. get created, none of which can be accessed by the student.

This also happens for older assignments that used to work fine. Also, the issue seems of a temporary nature: It was first reported on 22. Jan 2021, 09:48 am and disappeared again 12 hours later. Now it is back.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue, or does anyone know what may cause it and how to resolve it?


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Could you provide a link to the classroom repo please?

I’m seeing the same issue. I’ve been using Github Classroom for two years now, and this is the first time I’ve seen this issue.
The (private) assignment repo in question is here:

And my org is wustlcse204.

I created a new Github test account and was able to reproduce the issue as follows:
When accepting the assignment, users see a message like this:

There was an error accepting the assignment, please try again. If this problem persists, please contact support.
You’re ready to go!
You accepted the assignment, 01 Hello World.

Your assignment repository has been created:

After that, there is a prompt for login credentials with the message “Your old project requires credentials for read-only access. We will only temporarily store them for importing.”


I’m having similar issues. It seems the private repos are not working correctly. When I go to create a new assignment the GithubClassroom doesn’t have access to the private repos of my classroom organization.


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Orga we are using:

If you need another link, let me know, am not sure what you mean by “classroom repo”.


I’m seeing a similar issue even with public repos - everything was working fine up until this afternoon. Now my students can’t accept any assignments and are seeing “There was an error accepting the assignment. GitHub repository could not be created from template, please try again.” This occurs for even a brand new template.

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Yes - this is the same problem we were having here: No access to template repo when creating Classroom

You will need to fork or transfer the template repository to the destination organization if you want to keep the template private, check that the new version of the template is still set to be a template, and then update the template repo source in GitHub Classroom for the assignment.

I ended up making all the repo templates public to get this working quickly. However, whatever was changed yesterday that made it stop working with private templates corrupted all my classrooms - changing the repos to public did not allow students to access and accept the assignment. I tried creating new assignments in the classrooms using the public templates and students still could not accept them. I had to create entirely new classrooms with the repos.

I wonder why making the templates public would break the classrooms.

I think forking the template repo to your classroom organization might be the easiest way. I initially forgot to upgrade my org to the Team plan and so I could not fork a private repo. So my quick solution was to just create a repo based on the template in my classroom organization, make this a template again and set it as the starter repo. Students reported that there weren’t any errors anymore and everything worked. It’s just a quick hack though.

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