Students Conference 31st Dec around the world

Hey guys
I am thinking about to make some friends globally who are interested in coding like me
Did you guys think we should connect each other and have a talk about it on Zoom Meeting or conference.
Maybe we can help each other and maybe in future we can create our own community or any startup based in multiple company.
Please idea suggestion required @ericdrosado
can you pin this please
help appreciated


Just want to add. I really appreciate the idea.
I had a similar idea of making a community of people who love to code, and for that, I made a Discord server.


Sure Brother We Can Make Whats App group Which we Use Regular Basic… How About you…

Great idea, maybe we can create a community at the Clubhouse or something like that. To create excitement :slight_smile:
Seriously though, I would really like to connect to such a community because I’m new to this forum, and in general, I came for it. I am engaged in self-education, and I really like to find myself a mentor. For me, this is the most efficient way to learn.

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