Student unable to connect to their individual assignment repository

As the subject suggests. I have a few students (but not all) who are able to access their repository from one computer(school), but when they try from another (their own) they receive an error that they cannot connect to repository. Credentials are correct. It doesn’t seem to be a machine problem as I can connect with my credentials.

Any suggestions or ideas?

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Howdy 3cmd9:

Might you provide more details as to how you and your students are accessing these repos, as well as the specific error message?

Thanks for the response, I was just about to post the solution for us.

As there weren’t any immediate bites from the forum, I figured it must be a specific problem with the way these students were accessing it. (We utilize git/github through an ide). It turns out that their personal machines were using an older version of the ide. While github was still supported, there must have been a bug/issue in the version. The minute I had them update the ide, github connections were restored.

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond.